Friday, April 16, 2010

Saying Goodbye To A Decade's Work

Busy day tomorrow, but I wanted to take a moment and express my thanks to all those that followed the 80s Nuts Newsletter in its more than decade-long journey celebrating the music of a decade. Today, I announced an end to that journey. Not easy.

Maybe it's a sign of O.C.D. but when you start doing something weekly that people enjoy (and in your own head think: depend on and expect), you keep going. My problem is that I create ongoing projects. I do that very well, in fact. But, one has to expect an end in there somewhere. And after more than 520 issues of the newsletter, I'll be putting it to rest on Apr. 23rd.

It's not easy. It's letting go of an obsession for covering the information better and more extensively than anyone else. I also have to re-evaluate 80s Music Central and Talking 80s Music. The latter could still have a purpose as a series focused on specific recording artists each week -- sans the news.

The problem with having so many ongoing projects is that the new ones that I'd like to start are held back. There are a few new video series that I have in my head. I have a few charitable projects that I'd like to launch. Each take time and effort but won't be the same solo effort. Any of these future endeavors will be team Hennessy or nothing. It's going to take some time to adjust as it feels like I'm grieving but I see a bright future ahead.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time To Make An Adjustment

Got a lot in my head right now. Been looking at my multitude of project ideas and my limited time to implement them. Some of it is because other ideas blossomed and took over big chunks of time. I'm not unhappy about that... and oddly enough, neither is the wife. She turned to me the other day and said, "You are always going to have a hobby." From the statement, it doesn't seem like much but, in the context of the conversation, she understands that I'll always have a project in my head that I want to take to the next step. Like a hobby, it keeps me busy through most of my free time but not enough to ignore family.

So, as I work out the logistics this month, I'll be shutting... well, probably more like changing the door on one of my longest running projects. Passions must continue but the also have to evolve some. We'll see how it all works out shortly.