Friday, December 31, 2004

Yet, Another New Year

We are a society that begs for new beginnings. We celebrate birthdays as markers in ways to start changes in our lives but the New Year's celebration is one that we can mark on the calender and share together. There are even resolutions we can make as we enter the new year. Where else can you say you are going to start a diet, do more for your community, cease smoking or sin less? Yet, there is the stigma to resolutions that... no one ever keeps to them so success is isn't always expected. The ultimate scapegoat, we all need to have something to blame failure on so it's commonly known that if you plan to start something you need to announce it on New Year's Eve.

As for me, it's been a very good year. And my New Year's resolution is to do very little because that way I can always surpass it. Call me an overachiever. I better send this out as there are just seconds to go before the end of the year. I'd like to thank all the subscribers to the 80's Nuts Newsletter at and the listeners to the 80's Nuts Update at May your new year be as bright as the stars that I report about.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A Year And A Half At The House Of Oddities

I have to say that there are a lot of interesting things about making big changes in your life and I've noticed at least two weird things since I moved into this new house.

The first thing that I've noticed since moving in is that I constantly wake up with a dry throat but am constantly phlegmy. The dry throat, I attributed to having a ceiling fan but... I haven't had the fan on during days that I had a raw throat. My main guess though is that it is an allergic reaction to two humongous olive trees in my back yard. So, yes... the trees are going to have to go at some point because they are messy and messing up my respiration.

The second house oddity is that almost every 6 months when the weather changes, I get a kiss on the mouth from the cold sore/fever blister fairy. Reasons for getting them stem from diet, stress, sun exposure, lack of sleep or (as previously mentioned) weather change. Yet, I've gone 3 sets of 6 months without having that problem. No major changes in diet, sleep, weather or sun exposure has occurred and we all know that there is increased stress when getting a house. So, I'm at a loss. My luck is that the olive trees are causing this too.

Of course, you know that I'm knocking on wood before I post this but this is something that I've been mulling over in my head for awhile. That and if I should do a list of Top 10 women that I wouldn't kick out of my bed during their prime (meaning that they are dead or old.) Anyhow, I'm off to sleep and hope everyone is doing ok.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Post-Christmas Post

Had a great Christmas day. Started with wrapping the last of the gifts that I was too tired to wrap the day before. Then headed to breakfast and gift opening with my family at my mother's condo. My niece and nephew were absolutely bushed when they got there but you could tell that they weren't used to being awake all day by the time they left. I'm just so thankful for having the family that I do and that there is an unusual bond between us whenever we are in the same room. I dropped off my grandmother and a few gifts at my aunt Shawna's house after dinner (pork chops in mushroom gravy, ham, rice, scalloped potatoes, rolls and candied yams) and got to see a very tired cousin Sydney as she opened up the last of her gifts. I then went to my friends Tracy and Jason's to drop off something for their daughter Sonja. She's pretty amazing and reacts well when playing around and with other people. She's definitely a light in their lives and you can see it in both their faces. I headed home to unload the car (it was a pretty immense haul) and after putting most of the stuff away passed out for the night.

I didn't get to post yesterday (as you can see it was a bit busy) but I would like to make sure you all know that I was wishing you the best and that you hopefully didn't suffer any eggnog hangovers. (Never tried it spiked but did find out that I'm one of the very few in my family that will drink the stuff.) Hope all your post-holiday shopping proves fruitful and take care!

Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Wish List #1 - The 10 Days Of Christmas things were looking, if I waited until tomorrow to post this, Santa wouldn't know who #1 on the list was and I would have posted it late. If I am so lucky, I will find Thora Birch under my little Christmas tree hopefully wearing very little but then again it is cold out and wouldn't want her getting sick. Several years ago I saw this movie called American Beauty at a pawn shop and heard a lot of good things about it. Months later a sharp-minded very good friend of mine asked me if I ever saw the movie. I told him it was gathering dust on my shelf and I think I saw him pull back his arm readying to slap sense into me. Granted, everything I heard about the movie boasted about Mena Suvari who does little to nothing for me (would I kick her out of bed?...depends on what's under the tree tomorrow morning.) My friend made me aware that Miss Birch is "Party material" which is the shortest way to say that she is my physically ideal female. After finally seeing the movie, then watching some of her other films and even watching her appearing on talk shows... I agreed. The eyes are searching, the mouth pouts and somewhere in there is brooding alure that can only be compared to the previously mentioned Christina Ricci. I'm not even mentioning her outstanding physical stature.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed my 10 Days Of Christmas and are right now thinking (this guy is obsessed...err... I mean) what beautiful wonders there are in this small little world of ours and (gotta rent American Beauty... err...) how incredibly different one person's tastes can be. By no means was this list meant to degrade women, push religion (yes, I said "oh, God!" a few times there myself) nor increase sales of a particular movie. It was purely for entertainment and I wish all of you enjoyment during your yuletide celebrations. Back to less meaningful banter shortly...Posted by Hello

Christmas Wish List #2 - The 10 Days Of Christmas

So close! If there was ever a girl next door that had that librarian look, it'd be Lisa Loeb. Her smile can light up a concert hall. I was lucky enough to see her once during the VH1 Fairway To Heaven golf tournament several years ago. That's when I also first saw Dweezil Zappa hanging around her as if she was the sun and he was the only plant lucky enough to get photosynthesis. I do agree that she is sunny, irrepressible and that those glasses just do something. I've heard it called a Loeb fetish by some people. But she has never pretended to be anything but who she is. She is a terrific musician and an absolute beauty (ok, the Hello Kitty thing is a little obsessive but we all have our quirks.) Who knows, one day I might actually go see her perform. Anything can happen.Posted by Hello

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas Wish List #3 - The 10 Days Of Christmas

It's hard coming up with just 10 and it is amazing which ones pop up late and make you doubt your list. One of those would be Brooke Burke. Perfect curves, exotic appearance, abundant beauty that should have burned a spot in my memory. Upon further research (looking at tons of photos,) I have noticed a scarily striking resemblance to Susanna Hoffs from the Bangles when she's looking from the corner of her eye. I can understand her not being under my tree but this is supposed to be a "wish" list and not a reality check.Posted by Hello

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas Wish List #4 - The 10 Days Of Christmas

We're making our way to the top and it hasn't been easy! It's easy to second guess a lot of these because it's all subjective. But no matter how much overthinking there has been, Alyssa Milano was always meant to be here. Yes, we've all seen her grow up on TV and several revealing movies but she actually has several other things going for her other than her beauty and sex appeal. Not known to me until recently is that Milano is a die-hard music lover and even recorded several albums that were released in Japan from 1989 until 1994. My only negative here is her 7 tatoos but from looking at tons of photos... I can't find a single one. May I be lucky to find out where they are on Christmas Day.Posted by Hello

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Christmas Wish List #5 - The 10 Days Of Christmas

You had to expect to see a B-movie siren in here! I did hold off on the porn stars. I would have normally had her rated higher because Shannon Whirry has an absolutely amazing body. I just wish I could find better pictures of her. A redhead with alabaster skin... definitely high on my list. Some of her best roles have often seen her top come off but she does have enough acting talent to go from pure and innocent to ruthless vixen without a pause. I definitely wouldn't be upset with this present under the tree. Posted by Hello

Monday, December 20, 2004

Christmas Wish List #6 - The 10 Days Of Christmas

Couldn't rank her too high yet. The youngest of the bunch, Lindsay Lohan, has everything going for her. Natural long red hair, green eyes and a great body to boot. The only thing that may hurt her is that Tawny Kitaen-thing (so beautiful that she goes nutty... hence the reason Kitaen didn't make the list.) Let's just hope for the best here.Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Christmas Wish List #7 - The 10 Days Of Christmas

I can honestly say that she is still moving up this list. Jennifer Love Hewitt is an absolute beauty. Although mostly known for her successful acting career, she has been releasing albums since 1992 (the Japanese rank her up there with their own J-Pop idols.) Hewitt also spends time doing charity work. There is a wholesomeness here that you don't see often with celebrities. Hard to imagine a woman this gorgeous putting as much time into charity work as she does. I can't even say something smutty here. Posted by Hello

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Christmas Wish List #8 - The 10 Days Of Christmas

Ahhh... she could have rated higher but it's not like there isn't time to move up. Christina Ricci has sadly been typecast in roles that have over time made her a goth postergirl but beneath the haunted look in her eyes is a strong actress that can do anything. I've gained a lot of my respect for her craft due to her work in non-mainstream films like Buffalo 66 where she shattered a lot of images people had of her. I have yet to see Prozac Nation but just taking the role shows she isn't afraid to take a risk. Stunning, captivating and beautiful. Posted by Hello

Friday, December 17, 2004

Christmas Wish List #9 - The 10 Days Of Christmas

Charisma Carpenter is one of the most naturally beautiful women in North America. She is a chameleon when it comes to style (made it difficult to find a good photo) and is always willing to push new boundaries. The fact that she was on two of my favorite shows and comes from Las Vegas definitely gives her a big edge. The only thing holding her back is her skin art which is still pretty minimal. She needs to get a new series.Posted by Hello

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Christmas Wish List #10 - The 10 Days Of Christmas

So I figured that I'd do something entirely chauvinistic and exploit women... no. Actually, this is the start of my 10 days of listing what I'd love to see under my tree this upcoming holiday. When I dream, I dream in technocolor. Starting off the list is Katherine Heigl who typically wouldn't be my type (the blonde hair thing) but those piercing eyes are quite amazing as is the rest of her. Someone please get her in a few more movies! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Things I Say I Need To Do

1. Update/redesign the website for possible store area addition
2. Learn about RSS so I can webcast the radio show
3. Redesign this blog and maybe add something meaningful
4. Put up the other half of the Christmas lights
5. Start making a list and begin Christmas shopping
6. Clean up the house
7. Water my poor dying tomato and jalepeno plants
8. Start calling friends I've neglected before Christmas
9. Figure out why I'm holding onto all these episodes of Venture Brothers on my Tivo.
10. Take some Thera-flu and go to sleep

Since these aren't in any particular order I'm going to start with #10

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Equilibrium Obsessive

Do you remember when you were younger how you'd come across a checkerboard tile floor and decide only to step on the black squares? Little games like that in life definitely created some break in boredom. Just like trying to walk in even steps but to not step on the breaks in the pavement. I've noticed that maybe I haven't entirely grown up. I notice that tend to do the same playing with those little licorice bites that I like. I'll try to chew the same amount of the same flavored licorice on each side of my mouth. Kinda weird. Only noticed it recently but then again, I remember a few years ago they had that licorice that was made up of 9 individual strings. I would either eat one whole one on each side of my mouth, cut one in half for each side or 4 strings per side with the last one cut in half. I think it's a disorder of some type. Someone needs to research it. I don't do that with raisins, peanuts or anything else I can think of. Although I do have a thing about eating the least liked jellybeans from a bowl (usually that's the greens or the black ones) to try to even out the consistency.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

The New Frontier

Ok, well... I'm going to be testing a few things so I thought I'd warn you ahead of time. There is a new revolution for people with I-Pod's called pod casting. Essentially, people are downloading broadcasts for later use whether it is a sports, music or news program. The 80's Nuts Update is going to test this medium and to do so will be sending them out via this blog (it has something to do with the RSS available.) So I'm giving a slight warning ahead of time just to let you know. Cross your fingers!

Fixing What Works

I get a lot of people asking me to help them with their computers. I've even been asked where I learned everything. I started using computers in the mid-80's and was an early BBS user (think AOL before AOL.) But I got most of my information from a man and a channel or two.

Leo Laporte changed the way I see my computer. His shows (Call For Help and The Screensavers) gave courage to the person who is afraid to open their computer and take a look. Call For Help went through the rudimentary information (daily it mentioned that there are no stupid computer questions) while The Screensavers covered the advanced side with news and information about modifying your system. The shows were carried by ZDTV before the network became TechTV and recently was bought by Comcast to merge with their struggling G4 channel. Although a name change didn't hurt either show, by the time of the latest merger things changed immensely. They cut Laporte to only Call For Help. Then after pleas from fans of the show he came back in pre-taped info segments on Screensavers as Call For Help was axed. He is no longer there now. And the information for novices and advanced computers alike has been replaced with show topics including collectible toys, actor interviews, SeaScooters and movie trailers. What does this mean? Well... if you need to get your channel out to more people, you buy an existing one with a good market share and replace their programming with your own.

Fixing a squeaky hinge or dripping faucet is one thing but fixing something that works or replacing a good product with your own half-hearted generic is offensive. I can only hope that there is a day when someone says, "Hey, let's create a television show that will help people use their computers for more than email!" Not only will I tune in but I'll send people there to watch.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Eye Spy

I've noticed that I tend to kill boredom by creating word games. I noticed this recently when I was out driving to dinner with some people and somone in the car mentioned words starting with the letter T. After going through all we could think of, we graduated to another chosen letter and another until pretty much we were there.

This happened again today with a bunch of people at work. Some friends from work who have decided to name their band Vision (but will have to adjust the spelling so they don't have legal problems) were telling another friend that they couldn't include him in the band. The other person said... "sure... fine.... I'll name my band Lasik. And we'll just take what you do and do it correctly." This got a few laughs but in the back of my head I was thinking of cover songs for a Lasik album. Which started a run on songs like "I Can See Clearly Now," "Private Eyes," "Snowblind," "Blind Vision," "I Saw Red," "Eyes Of A Stranger," etc. I spent the next oh... 5 hours pulling titles out of my rear that most had heard of and some that got some doubtful looks. Of course, it wasn't until I was on my way home that I noticed that I didn't even think of "Eye Of The Tiger," "Eyes Without A Face," "I See Red" and Geri Halliwell's "Look At Me."

Fascinating, no. But I do think that if you are bored and don't have a book nearby that the strangest place you can visit is inside your own head. I just feel like I dusted off a lot of cobwebs.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Tivo

Ok, so I figured that I ought to say something about my latest addiction. I have to say that I don't miss any of my shows and always wind up with a few goodies when I get home (kinda like Christmas somedays seeing something you didn't expect recorded and waiting for you based on your preferences.) I think I've had my Tivo for about 2 years now and I can only say that it's the best thing I ever did. I don't really even know when some of my favorite shows come on anymore. I can't wait for the new Tivo-To-Go option they are working on where you can move shows around and even share them amongst friends in your Tivo network. Even though, I don't think they'll understand why I tape Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law or the Venture Brothers.Posted by Hello

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Post-Thanksgiving Bliss

The holiday went pretty well. We had dinner at Mom's house (of course she was working her butt off as normal but I think she is masochistic like that.) My brother Michael made it out from L.A. and even gave me a few ideas that I might implement on the Web site in the near future. Grandma and Grandpa Bolton came in from Boulder City as did my sister Michelle, her husband Corey and the twins Connor and Olivia (absolutely amazing kids.) Of course, Dad wouldn't miss out on a buffet styled dinner. Even my aunt Shawna stopped by with her husband Dave and her daughter Sydney. Last but by far not least was my brother Matthew with his new bride Elizabeth. They waited until that night to tell us that... well, looks like I'm going to be an uncle again. I guess you have to call that one amazing honeymoon cruise. Anyhow, as I watched Connor and Olivia (play, giggle and toot on some flutes Mom gave them) I came to the conclusion that my family is extremely lucky and/or blessed to be without the many physical and mental problems that some have. Well, we do have some time to figure out the mental side but I just wish everyone can have a moment like that. Got my pumpkin pie fix sated so I'm extremely chipper.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Keane On New Music

Current favorite album. Can't seem to get it out of my CD player in my car. I like to think of it as Coldplay meets Ben Folds Five without guitars. I'm sure that it will only be a few hours until I debate putting the new U2 album in there though. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Art Of Apology

It is rather funny how easy it is to openly congratulate someone but when you set yourself up to do that you also have to know how to let them down. The contest is going great. Right now, I'm still getting emailed the contest entries for the first set of box sets that ended ohhh... about 25 hours or more ago. As easy as saying "first one to the finish line wins," I'm finding it difficult to say "I'm sorry but you didn't win." Maybe that could be a personality issue of mine. I guess it could also be like giving out slices of pizza to friends and running out. You feel bad that they didn't get any while someone that was there just a bit sooner did. I guess everything is based on time as well as luck and that you have to accept it.

I'm probably just in a deep thinking mood because I got 4 hours sleep and have another short night before heading off to work. I think I'll go pass out listening to this nice new Seal 'best of' and hope to avoid dreams of bad Batman films.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Gifts To Come

I figured that the secret will be out soon so I might as well spill it here first. The surprise I mentioned that I have in store for subscribers to the 80's Nuts newsletter and listeners of the 80's Nuts Update this week will be a few contests. I have several copies of Duran Duran's latest box set, The Singles 1986-1995, which I will be issuing out. Great little boxes that contain 14 CDs (all in little covers just like the original singles but smaller) containing 82 tracks featuring the singles and original B-sides to the singles (live tracks, non-album tracks and remixes.) Haven't decided how I'm going to give out the ones via the newsletter just yet. I figure that I'll throw a secret word in a few of the 80's Nuts Update segments of which the first email I get containing the word wins. Might be the only way to make it fair. I'm sure that I'll find some way to give out the other boxes in the newsletter but just haven't thought of it quite yet (I have until what... Monday?.) All I know is that I wish I was able to do this with the first boxset also. I still remember a friend of mine making me a tape of all the B-sides from Duran Duran's early singles and throwing it on a tape with some Pseudo Echo and Psychedelic Furs tracks. Phil changed how I listen to music and let's be thankful for that!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Block The Vote

This being the day we vote to keep what's most precious to us and to change what we believe needs help, I find myself reflecting on minor political issues. I don't discuss politics much in my writing because I am a firm believer of keeping my opinions out of the news (yes, I'm one of the few unbiased ones.) The only thing I found upsetting this year that maybe I didn't notice in the last few years was the push to get anyone who can vote to vote. Why does that upset me? I am from Nevada which is one of the states rated lowest on funding for education. Reminded of this, I think about all the people that have been asked to register to vote (by the Rock The Vote or Vote Or Die campaigns) that don't have an opinion, haven't looked into issues or are getting their information from a single source. I think it's alright if you are choosing between chocolate or vanilla but not on the course of a country. So what I want to get across here is that Nevada needs to increase their education funding for many reasons... one of which is so when someone asks them to register to vote, they can say "I'm already registered and considering my vote, thank you." So have a great night and may the outcome be the best for all.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

My Favorite Holiday

If you don't know by now, I'm kinda quirky. Some people love Christmas, some Valentine's Day or even their birthday's but my favorite day of the year is Halloween. Either it has something to do with that darker side of me or something but I really like scaring kids coming to the door in search of goodies. Last year went really well, here's a link to some pictures from 2003. This year, I think I'll be outside a bit with a little more hands-on approach. I'd actually rather play some Skinny Puppy music but I figure that they won't be there long enough for it to set in so best to go with the realistic howling, screaming, ripping, clashing and grunting sounds of a sound effects CD. I'm hoping to at least get someone to pee their pants this year. Last year I only heard a few "Mommy, I don't wanna go up there can we go next door?" Satisfying as that was, it was my first year so I hope to improve.

I hope each and every one of you have a safe and somewhat sane Halloween. Yes, probably the scariest thing about this holiday is that I'm still driving the rental Kia Rio. Take care.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Selling For The Sake Of Selling

One thing that people may notice about 80's Music Central is that I have a fear of selling things. You won't see too many ads up and when there is one it is because of much negotiation with the vendor. I have always held onto the motto: You don't sell ping pong balls on a golfing Web site even if they are the same size. Pretty much what that means is that if our Web site is only dealing with 80's music, I don't want anything advertized there that doesn't relate to it or an artist. Sometimes it just works out well. The negotiations I mentioned can be rather tricky. One record label recently offered several box sets from a major 80's act but wanted us to send email off to all our subscribers about the set. I like all of you am pissed at all the spam I get and would hate to hear that the newsletter is winding up in your junk folder because we sent out a separate email. See what I mean by tricky. But things will work out because I'm a pessimistic optimist. I just believe it will take longer. B)

Monday, October 25, 2004

Ending The Weekend With A Bang

Had a great time in Glendale, California. Had a minor cultural awakening at the wedding which was held at an Armenian church. What many people don't know is that children usually aren't allowed to attend. I believe this to be because it is a long ceremony and the reception can go well into the next morning. I didn't even make it past 10pm and they hadn't even cut the cake yet.

The drive back to Las Vegas wasn't too bad. Left a little bit after 8am and got in at 1pm. Of course, 2 hours after being in town I get in a car accident. It's always funny how after something bad happens you start thinking, if only I had second guessed myself somewhere to either not be at that spot at the time or to have taken that nap that seemed so attractive. Oh well, call it fate or destiny but it seems like I was meant to talk to my insurance agent and see an auto shop. No injuries other than pride (I hadn't had an accident in the last 6 years or so.) Better get some sleep so I can drop the car off in the morning and pick up a snazzy rental.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Off To Cali

Heading to Southern California for a wedding (yes, another one... week 2.) Hope to stop by and see my youngest brother's house tomorrow (haven't been down there since he moved there.) Should be fun. Now, I just need to figure out what CDs to take on the trip. Always the toughest decision because you are pretty much married to that music for the trip if you don't bring enough. I still remember listening to the Monkees Greatest Hits for the whole trip to San Diego and back to Vegas. I don't think I could handle that again. Be back soon!

Friday, October 22, 2004

One Step Beyond

Sometimes people ask me if I listen to anything other than 80's music. You do have to laugh a bit about that. I love all music with very little bias. Some of my favorite acts during the last 14 years or so have been Oasis, Coldplay, The Eels, Linkin Park and Foo Fighters. Odd bands like: Candyland, Candyflip, Tatu, Teenage Fanclub and Ned's Atomic Dustbin. I even have some J-Pop (or Japanese pop music)... I think there is a CD by Yoko Ishida that has been in my car for about 2 years now. I do tend to pick up some of the latest albums by my favorite 80's artists also but above all... I tend to like hunting down bands that I missed during the the 1980s because I know it broadens my horizons ever so slightly.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Post-Wedding Blues

Ok, so everything seemed to be going great. Didn't trip following my brothers down the aisle (ok, it was actually a putting green but it wasn't good for the visuals) as we proceeded towards the minister. Coughed but not during the important parts of the ceremony. But... the speech came sooner than expected and I flubbed badly. I figure there is a reason that I should use cue-cards. Sometimes things sound so good in your head until you say them. Oh well, it's over and Matthew and Elizabeth are very happily wed. Just finished recording the Update for tomorrow. It just took a lot longer than I expected after getting back from the reception. Gotta find the directions to the post-wedding brunch that I was sent for tomorrow.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Purposeful Procrastination

I've always been the type of person that waits until the last moment to do anything. Shopping for presents, finishing projects and even writing. Some just naturally happens that way but most of this I do on purpose. When it comes to shopping, I usually take a lot of that time thinking about the person and what they might like before shopping. Working on the Web site is pretty much comes in bursts when I have the time to put into it. And I actually save up all the news I acquire during the week (to be honest, I try not to look at the news too early either) until Monday when I type up the newsletter. The good thing about this is that I don't repeat articles by accidentally writing them more than once but sadly it does add to a few spelling errors. I also figure that if I focus on the task all at once, it will be more complete than a bunch of separate writings that may have missed something. Why, is this on my mind? Well, I'm writing my speech for my brother's wedding... which is tomorrow. hahaha

Friday, October 15, 2004

Theraflu is my friend

Ok, looks like I'm one one of my binges. Essentially... when I feel I'm coming down with the flu or really bad allergies, I have a dose of Theraflu and hit the sack. When I gather my wits and wake back up, I take another dose and go back to sleep. I do this until I have to go to work or just can't sleep anymore. It does seem to work. So far, so good. Anyhow, I type this before I go to back to la la land. I'd like to send my congrats to for hitting the Top 15% of 7,400 full-time web radio broadcasters in less than a year. It's a great radio station and the first one to take a chance on my 80's Nuts Update radio segment (12 noon and midnight C.S.T.) I don't expect that 15% to last long as they keep adding new songs to the playlist.

Rant of the day: I don't think that people take pride in owning CDs anymore. I don't think it's because of all the tape and sticker crap they put on the packaging. I know that some people are paying for songs and full albums from iTunes and some other less savory sources but what happened to having the real thing in your hands? I do admit that I used Napster when it was still around. But then again, I only downloaded songs that were out of print and likely to never be heard again like the Passion Puppets' "Like Dust." (My way of saying "see... if only you'd put out this CD you'd have some of my money in your pocket.") Maybe, I'm anal-retentive or just a braggart but I like having the product the artist intended to get out than a copy. Then again, I also like to read the lyrics along to the songs the first time I hear the album. I'm just weird like that, I guess.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Introductions are in order

Ok, I'm just about to go to sleep when I think... hey lets start a project at say 11pm. I've always wanted to take my writing in a few different directions and this will let me stray away from just talking about 80's music. This isn't to say that I am bored with the topic but that I do need to let the other 90% of what I think out of my brain. That is why this is here and this is why this post is as lame as it can get because I am setting my goals low so I can better myself enough to attain them. Ok, off to sleep.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Real Life - Imperfection

If you've never heard "Send Me An Angel," you may have been under a rock or heavily sedated in the 1980s. Many of those not in situation of the aforementioned lost souls may not know that the Real Life has recorded many albums since and are very much active. Their latest album, Imperfection, puts any rumors to rest.

The band has leaned their membership down to the duo of David Sterry and George Pappas at this point in their career. The lack of players hasn't affected the team's music unless it has created a bit more clarity of purpose. The disc leads with the pulse-pounding title-track. The song openings are rather curious here as they don't grab you in the first measures but build with chord progressions that seemingly make something where there didn't seem to be anything. This kind of craftsmanship appears throughout the album. Sterry's sensual, yearning vocals are as impressive as the writing. Songs like "Painless," "Another Brick In My Head " and "Kiss Like This" show sonic leaps, versatility and reluctance to hold on old habits. The only song that I could consider filler here is "Kamikaze" but you have to give points to a song that finds a way to use "apeshit" in a verse. The album closer, "Beautiful Thing," is probably my favorite new song of the year at this point in time. I believe this comes from a clever chorus that refrains vocally and smartly relies on a very haunting melody as well as strong production. One of the few times that the title describes the song aptly.

Imperfection is far from it's title but steps short of its opposite. Granted, the version reviewed was not the U.S. release which included the additional track and single "Oblivion." Real Life's new album is a treat for fans urging their return and varied enough to find interest in even a few under a rock or coming off medication.

4 out of 5