Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Bella And Tulip Show: BandT Park 2

We figured that it was time to bring in a few guest stars. Most shows have guest stars, right? We just stumbled on two other puggles that look identical (we would lose track of who was who.) Goes to remind us that even though most puggles look similar, there are always anomalies like Bella.

The Bella And Tulip Show: BandT Park

Since I'm going strong, here's our first episode of The Bella And Tulip Show: BandT Park. Who would have thought that documenting the regular goings on at a dog park could rank right up there with cutting your wrists?

David Tennis 053010

Remember when I said earlier that I felt bad about not posting anything recently? Well, I've been taking David out on the tennis court each week and decided to record a little of today's work out with you -- family and friends. It'll be good to give him something to look back on and say "I'm a lot better now, huh?"

Friday, May 21, 2010

Things Taking Shape

I often like to use the word 'projects' when discussing the future. Some of these projects in the past were the newsletter, website, show, blog and other things. Things have been so busy with the new projects that I've neglected you here. So, I'll mention just a few:
1. One of the biggest projects is learning how to use this thing pictured above. It's a fully-loaded 13" Macbook Pro. For someone like me, that has been around and put computers together for well... way too long, it's a major shift. Things aren't were they are supposed to be. You don't remove things the same way. You wind up hunting for items or options that are right in front of your face. It's getting better. Hard to assess the battery life as it keeps running down so much when I'm using it. May be something to address in the future. But, Kerry loves the thing. It requires her not being around to get a few moments alone with it. Yet, I now have a lot of the most important software installed.

2. Been working on taking Talking 80s Music mobile using the aforementioned laptop. The show is hard enough to get through sometimes with the technological unpredictability of using the software and hardware I've been using for the last 3+ years. You may then understand my trepidation... no, fear of changing to something that could be even more unpredictable. It has to be done, though. We'll make the attempt during the episode after this one.

3. Picked up a video recorder a bit ago. Had 3 to 4 ideas for video series that I wanted to create. (Which has me considering placing almost everything I've been doing under the umbrella of a self-formed media group.) I'm expecting the first of these to launch after we convert to mobile.

4. We stopped publication of The 80s Nuts Newsletter after 12+ years. Kind of... You see, spending that long focused on cooking doesn't make you stop watching cooking shows or fiddling around in the kitchen. The passion for the news continues and may not always pop up on the show. So we created a blog (hahaha... kinda fitting isn't it) that will collect all those articles as they get posted. The good thing about it is that when I mention a video coming out... I can show it to you. When a free download is available, you can just click a link to it. It's the step we should have taken 5 years ago.

5. Been spending more time on the tennis court. (For those that know me, you are probably shaking your heads.) I've found a renewed passion for teaching while working with my son. Looking at doing some charity work utilizing these tools and have a few ideas lined up for later this year.

....oh, there are more but I won't bore you with them. I also didn't want to leave you out of the loop so long. Everything is going well over here and I hope all is good there with you.