Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Great White - Elation

Great White have returned with their new studio album, Elation, and the debut of new frontman Terry Ilous.  Many reviewers may ramble on about 'the change' from Jack Russell to the XYZ singer but I'm not here to criticize their history --  just Elation.  And that my friends is very hard to do as all I want to do is praise it.

The band found two really solid tracks to begin with in "(I've Got) Something For You" and "Feelin' So Much Better."  The former, expected to be the first single and video to be released, blazes to life and will surely be a live favorite.  "Feelin' So Much Better" is a personal favorite here as the vocal harmonies, punchy guitars and intuitive percussion make it a memorable ride.  There is a lot to love about this album.  I do feel that "Resolution" and "Promise Land," while decent tracks, are close but don't meet the caliber of the other 10 tracks.  Overall, the writing is impressive, performances are cohesive and leave little to objectively sneer at.  I enjoy the Louisiana bayou blues beginning of "Love Train," the strut of "Heart Of A Man" and the guitar solo to the ballad "Love Is Enough" as well as the beautiful "Hard To Say Goodbye," playful "Shotgun Willie's" and throwback glam-feel of "Complicated."

Great White have delivered.  Fans have to be feeling the elation too!

4.5 out of 5