Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rock Star: Martin's Closet: Episode 2

Yes, it is Halloween and instead of decorating the house and scaring little children like I usually do, we have something scarier... another episode of Rock Star: Martin's Closet. As you may remember, contestant #7 was voted off by our readers and left the closet in a nice bundled up ball. Now, your votes will decide who else goes home.

I think you remember contestant #1 out of China. Yes, all the contestants are legally here but do note that this one may have issues with wrinkles. Not unlike a Shar-Pei.

Contestant #2 is from India and might upset those that are thinking that horizontal stripes makes one look rotund but it made it through round 1 without frayed sleeves.

You probably remember our contestant #3 from Myanmar. It binged on Haagan Daaz after learning it wasn't voted off last month.

Pakistan's contestant #4 had reason to celebrate last month as it received no votes. It has mentioned some fears in the house about how it will fare during the surprise photo shoot planned for next month.

Contestant #5 of India was able to avoid dismissal last month and use as part of a mangled corpse tonight. Has its luck run out?

And last but not least, contestant #6 of India held up well last week but has mentioned being a little worried that people will discover the diagonal pattern on the chest pocket.

Now, it's up to you! Who gets voted out of the closet?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Rolling Stone Magazine: The 10 Worst Congressmen

Rolling Stone magazine has decided to focus on politics over music for their election edition with their cover story: Time To Go: Inside The Worst Congress Ever. I'm not planning on focusing on that but I'd like to look at their list (by contributing editor Tim Dickinson) of The 10 Worst Congressmen:

So, as I am looking at the list... something stands out. I'm not saying that anyone on the list is a shining example of what a congressional representative should be unless it is indicative of their constituents. I just find it funny that it is 90% Republican. Maybe the percentage would have been less on this list if it was a Top 20. Was William Jefferson chosen as a token Democrat or was he tossed to the wolves here because nearly $90,000 in bribe money was found in his freezer? Does Marilyn Musgrave's stance against gay marriage warrant being #10 out of 535? I guess that depends on what priorities rate highest for Mr. Dickinson.

I think this is why I'm not fond of Top 10 lists as they are highly questionable (unless they are personal favorites or supported by stats like album sales and airplay create Top 40 lists.) If they wanted to call most of them corrupt, that might be easier to discern. I just find it interesting that they weren't rated by their voting record or bill sponsorship. Then again, a list is only as good as its creator.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Voting 2006

Yesterday, I ran out of the house early to vote. I've recently heard how some people are opposed to early voting. Some believe that if you make your choices early that you are not getting all the information out there and are not hearing all of the message. I like to think that my voting a few weeks early counters the power of negative, mudslinging ads and lessens congestion at the polls during a later date. It's also a great way to force me to visit the mall.

The one thing that ticks me off most recently about voting in general is pressure from employers and associations to vote a specific way. I actually received a "2006 Employee Voters Guide" this year as well as a "recommended candidates list" from the union that I belong to. This got me thinking about how much pressure someone might feel to vote a specific way to keep their company in the black which may in-turn keep them employed. Sure, we've often heard about people voting their wallet. I've just never been reminded by two different sides as to which puts money in mine.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mann Cub

Congrats go out to Teri and Lloyd. Their son Jacob was delivered at 8am yesterday morning (photos were taken some hours later with Aunt Wendy as designated holder.) Teri and Jacob are doing great and should be heading home in the next few days. Yes, even I am starting to notice the abundance of children photos on the blog lately. I'm not complaining.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Favorite Quote

During the weekend, I reflected on my favorite quote. It means that much to me that I put it up above my computer monitor (and Pumpkin) so I have to look at it often. I'm not really the type to dwell on things that I can't change like the past or other people. Instead, I do think about the many ways that I can affect my surroundings and keep myself from looking at a bad situation in the near future that was at one point correctable. I guess my lack of intense worry about many things comes across very unaffected but I think it's more attributable to Saint Francis of Assisi's quote:

Lord grand me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can, and
the wisdom to know the difference.

I assume that I'll always be working to attain that level of wisdom.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Brian Lumley

I probably have mentioned a book to you before called The Necroscope. Well, there is a reason. The author, Brian Lumley, puts an amazingly creative spin on the topic of vampirism. I've probably dressed as a vampire for most of my days trick-or-treating and still find the subject fascinating. Lumley also mixes his best-known series with the paranormal (the idea of being a necroscope is one that communicates with the dead.) If interested, you can find a lot better detailed information about Lumley and his books at BrianLumley.com.

Anyhow, the reason that I mention this is that Mr. Lumley (along with his wife and site webmaster) were in Las Vegas this weekend promoting his latest installation of the series, Necroscope: The Touch. I made sure to run my butt down to the mall to chat with him and get a few autographs. Here's a photo of him at the signing table with his wife and several of his books.

One reason why I made sure to get down there was that I have first editions of every U.S. hardback release of his Necroscope series (15 books and counting) and first published novel. He did mention to me that the option on the film rights have been re-upped and I can only cross my fingers that someone will make a film. If I had more time, creativity and skill, I'd probably try to write a script for the first book but I wouldn't even make the attempt. Anyhow, below is a photo of my Lumley shelf. In the brown case on the left is his first book (I'm pretty protective of it.)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mom's Birtday Party With The Kids

Went to my sister's house on Sunday to celebrate my Mom's birthday. Although, we got there after they ate (really good recipie for pasta bake of which I moments ago finished off the last of the left-overs), I got to spend a little bit of time with everyone. I also took a bunch of photos with the kids that you'll see below.

First we have the twins. For some reason Conner really wanted to pose for the photo and I waited for him to relax.

Then their little sister (with my little sister) Lillian.

For some reason Mia didn't want to look at the camera but I stole this shot while she was hanging out with her Dad.

Then there is my cousin Syndey in her cute dress.

Last but not least is her little sister Kaitlynne. (Ok, not too sure on the spelling.)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Classically Martin: Possum Dixon's For Your Love

I think you remember back before I picked up my iPod that I mentioned a quest of mine... the one to keep track of my favorite songs (one per band.) Well, since I've added them all to my iPod, it has made looking at them that much easier and I've decided to try to use technology to bring them to you here. So here's Possum Dixon's cover of "For Your Love." The song was actually a B-side to one of their singles and after I heard it... I had to hunt it down. Not an easy one to find but I think it's that mix of darkness (in the keyboards) and light (in the chorus) that kinda fits me. Just click on the little link there below to hear the song. Here's hoping it works on the first try.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bottled Up: The Challenge

It is a little funny when you get ready to post something, think it through and then delete it because you find it invalid and irrational. One of those things that I didn't post was about fluoride. You see, I drink a lot of bottled water. I don't drink the drinking water though because I think distilled means that everything has been killed in there and it tastes cleaner. I got to thinking that distilled water doesn't even have fluoride which is a mandate for tap water in the effort to protect our teeth. I took some time and looked into it. Yes, there are a few bottled water brands that mention they have fluoride added. But in my research, I found out that there are many doctors out there saying that the level is actually higher than it needs to be as nearly every toothpaste currently has fluoride while it didn't back then. So... that post never happened. Why do I mention it now?

I went out to dinner with Kerry, Teri and Lloyd for Kerry's birthday a few weeks back. She was mentioning how her doctor has been urging her to drink a gallon of water a day. We teased her about it slightly and she said to me, "You do it." I actually drink a lot of water each day. But I'm going to take up this challenge and go one step further. I am putting plans in action to drink... 2 gallons of water on Saturday. Why? I've always heard that you can't drink too much water but you need at least at least 8 - 8oz. glasses per day. I will use this as a learning experience and will begin my training in a Takeru Kobayashi method. I know that I can do it. Let's just say that I'm going to drink a little extra for Teri this weekend.