Saturday, November 27, 2004

Post-Thanksgiving Bliss

The holiday went pretty well. We had dinner at Mom's house (of course she was working her butt off as normal but I think she is masochistic like that.) My brother Michael made it out from L.A. and even gave me a few ideas that I might implement on the Web site in the near future. Grandma and Grandpa Bolton came in from Boulder City as did my sister Michelle, her husband Corey and the twins Connor and Olivia (absolutely amazing kids.) Of course, Dad wouldn't miss out on a buffet styled dinner. Even my aunt Shawna stopped by with her husband Dave and her daughter Sydney. Last but by far not least was my brother Matthew with his new bride Elizabeth. They waited until that night to tell us that... well, looks like I'm going to be an uncle again. I guess you have to call that one amazing honeymoon cruise. Anyhow, as I watched Connor and Olivia (play, giggle and toot on some flutes Mom gave them) I came to the conclusion that my family is extremely lucky and/or blessed to be without the many physical and mental problems that some have. Well, we do have some time to figure out the mental side but I just wish everyone can have a moment like that. Got my pumpkin pie fix sated so I'm extremely chipper.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Keane On New Music

Current favorite album. Can't seem to get it out of my CD player in my car. I like to think of it as Coldplay meets Ben Folds Five without guitars. I'm sure that it will only be a few hours until I debate putting the new U2 album in there though. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Art Of Apology

It is rather funny how easy it is to openly congratulate someone but when you set yourself up to do that you also have to know how to let them down. The contest is going great. Right now, I'm still getting emailed the contest entries for the first set of box sets that ended ohhh... about 25 hours or more ago. As easy as saying "first one to the finish line wins," I'm finding it difficult to say "I'm sorry but you didn't win." Maybe that could be a personality issue of mine. I guess it could also be like giving out slices of pizza to friends and running out. You feel bad that they didn't get any while someone that was there just a bit sooner did. I guess everything is based on time as well as luck and that you have to accept it.

I'm probably just in a deep thinking mood because I got 4 hours sleep and have another short night before heading off to work. I think I'll go pass out listening to this nice new Seal 'best of' and hope to avoid dreams of bad Batman films.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Gifts To Come

I figured that the secret will be out soon so I might as well spill it here first. The surprise I mentioned that I have in store for subscribers to the 80's Nuts newsletter and listeners of the 80's Nuts Update this week will be a few contests. I have several copies of Duran Duran's latest box set, The Singles 1986-1995, which I will be issuing out. Great little boxes that contain 14 CDs (all in little covers just like the original singles but smaller) containing 82 tracks featuring the singles and original B-sides to the singles (live tracks, non-album tracks and remixes.) Haven't decided how I'm going to give out the ones via the newsletter just yet. I figure that I'll throw a secret word in a few of the 80's Nuts Update segments of which the first email I get containing the word wins. Might be the only way to make it fair. I'm sure that I'll find some way to give out the other boxes in the newsletter but just haven't thought of it quite yet (I have until what... Monday?.) All I know is that I wish I was able to do this with the first boxset also. I still remember a friend of mine making me a tape of all the B-sides from Duran Duran's early singles and throwing it on a tape with some Pseudo Echo and Psychedelic Furs tracks. Phil changed how I listen to music and let's be thankful for that!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Block The Vote

This being the day we vote to keep what's most precious to us and to change what we believe needs help, I find myself reflecting on minor political issues. I don't discuss politics much in my writing because I am a firm believer of keeping my opinions out of the news (yes, I'm one of the few unbiased ones.) The only thing I found upsetting this year that maybe I didn't notice in the last few years was the push to get anyone who can vote to vote. Why does that upset me? I am from Nevada which is one of the states rated lowest on funding for education. Reminded of this, I think about all the people that have been asked to register to vote (by the Rock The Vote or Vote Or Die campaigns) that don't have an opinion, haven't looked into issues or are getting their information from a single source. I think it's alright if you are choosing between chocolate or vanilla but not on the course of a country. So what I want to get across here is that Nevada needs to increase their education funding for many reasons... one of which is so when someone asks them to register to vote, they can say "I'm already registered and considering my vote, thank you." So have a great night and may the outcome be the best for all.