Saturday, March 30, 2019

11 Years Of Bublé And Bliss

I don't know if it was anxious or nervous energy but, at 11pm on the day before my wedding to Kerry, I had to get out of the house.  We hadn't moved in together yet and I think I had too many thoughts running through my head...even though she had planned every detail.  She's amazing like that.

I decided to go to Wal-mart and burn some energy wandering around.  I threw some clothes on so I wouldn't join a future "people of Wal-mart" post.  The place was pretty empty.  Of course, I'd wind up in the music aisle.  It's just home to me or was back then before they made it a small nook in area surrounded by cables and TVs.

So much to look at, to hear the songs in my head as I look at a CD cover and question its value.  Maybe I was channeling early Marie Kondo.  Who knows?  I'm kind of funny when it comes to a few bands.  I have a few that I really like but am reluctant to buy an album for fear that they aren't as good as I think they may be or that I'll really like them.  Coldplay was one of those, Linkin Park another...and so was Michael Bublé.

I'd been hearing his songs for years and I loved Sinatra for Sinatra, Tony for being Tony and not so big a fan of covers of those songs.  But Bublé's originals like "Lost," "Everything" and "Home," kind of haunted me.  The songs drew me back but were they enough to make me want to buy a full album?  So when I saw a few of the Bublé CDs (3 in total) staring at me, I felt a moment of kismet.  I had to pick them up and wound up listening to them until I passed out.

I left one of the CDs in the car for the post-wedding drive to Teri and Lloyd's for the reception (which was outstanding) to listen to with the new Mrs. Hennessy.  She was hooked.  After we added it to her iPod, she would go back to it often, as would I.  I still catch her singing a few of his songs here and there at unusual moments.

Fast-forward 11 years... yeah, it doesn't seem like it can go that fast but it does.  (Hold your children close and sweetheart closer.)  Our anniversary falls on the same night as Michael Bublé playing in Las Vegas.  How could I not connect the dots there?  So, we are going to spend a day exploring and evening with some crooning.  Whether it was anxious or nervous energy, something special was coming that next morning and has changed the man I am.