Thursday, September 26, 2013

Making Coffee Drinkable

It took a long time to talk me into adding coffee to my routine.  My biggest issue was taste and Diet Coke takes no prep time.  But, it happened a couple years ago.

Afterwards it was all about how to make it.  Usually it was vanilla creamer and some artificial sweetener.  A few months back, Kerry and I were throwing things out of the fridge that had multiple chemical compounds we couldn't pronounce.  We started staring at the creamer.  Big time offender there always making its way into my coffee.

It took a lot of willpower but we changed to 1% milk, stevia and teaspoons of unsweetened chocolate and cinnamon.  So, why tell you this?  If you happen to stop by and eye the coffee, be warned.  It isn't what you may expect.