Saturday, October 30, 2021

Shaking Off The Rust At Camp Ironwood


 Kerry and I decided to do something out of the ordinary.  We heard about a couples retreat that wasn't too far from her hometown.  Tucked away, it's far enough away from things to call it a getaway and we would easily do this again.

Here is the view as you drive past that marker I posted first (and a bunch of little signs teasing you on your way in.)  It has that vintage cowboy movie set look.  It's where you check in and can pick up a few things before driving to your cabin.

You didn't think I'd skip talking about the eating arrangements, did you?  One photo is showing off their smoking setup for tri-tip they would serve during dinner.  I was really envious.  Not that I want to get that far into competition 'cue but it just looks darn pretty.  They were in the process of expanding their dining hall, so I'm unsure of how much better it normally looks or will look after.  But, it was a nice crowd and you meet some nice people on the 3 days you are here.

So, the plan each day was breakfast, listening to a guest speaker, roaming activities, coffee and snacks, planned activities and dinner.  Sometimes it would be followed with sitting by the campfire.  The area has a pond/lake probably used more during the summer.  You can see some of the tables with checkers and other games are in the area.  Behind those doors there is coffee.  Of course it's the most popular spot after the dining hall.  Activities included archery, axe tossing, saw blades tossing (imagine throwing that extra circular saw blade in your garage like it was a shuriken), gun range, games area, horseback riding, wood branding and escape rooms.  The old film aesthetic runs through the decor property-wide.

Overall.  We had a blast and plan to go back soon unless something crazy happens.