Monday, December 31, 2012

The Long Road To A New Year

Distance and time have all sorts of mathematical equations surrounding them.  I like to believe that they can be extrapolated and ripped away from their fixed points and viewed separately as experiences  While distance can be a "long and winding road" it is also a journey.  Time can also be a countdown clock or a fixed moment.  2012 will remain a difficult collection of those experiences.

The year started with my grandfather's passing.  Weird to think about it now.  I still have a lot of work to do editing some interviews that I conducted with him.  One can say that time caught up or that we ran out of time with him.  What I do know is that he remains in my thoughts each day.

I ended and started new projects.  It isn't really easy to know when the road should end.  Think about the above picture.  If you were just laying down asphalt, where would you decide to put a fork in the road?  Where would you stop?  Projects can be hard to judge like that.  I thought the road would be quite a bit longer for the new news site but I'm happy that I learned my lessons early.  What lessons?  One big one, really.  "Are people really ready for facts?"

We also saw the passing of my sister-in-law.  Time and distance.  We had an idea that an end was coming but didn't know how far out it was.  All we know is that it was too soon.  We did a lot in her name (raising money for breast cancer... even have some bracelets left over) and spend quality time before her passing.  At one point I thought that our love and support for her husband and step-son were important but who would have thought that we'd be the ones supported when around them?

At the end of the year several of us came down with the flu.  (Ok, most of both sides of the family.)  Time does heal all, doesn't it?  While we support one that is sick until health, another gets sick and we rally behind them until better and then another one goes down... and today I'm better.  House is full of healthy people again.  Just not mentally.  B)  So much emotional distance traveled this year and now it's definitely time to move on to a new beginning.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Halfway Mark In Month-long Workout Project

Today is the start of week 3 of my month-long workout plan.  Yes, there will be a follow-up plan but setting goals is important.  This series will end on Christmas day and allow me to reward myself a little.  But let's talk about the journey so far.

Understand, these are part of a series called 10 Minute Trainer.  The idea is that you work out multiple muscle groups at the same time to maximize your effort.  My abs after 1 day of focus were sore for a good 2 days.  (Which I believe prove they got a beating.)  Arm muscles and leg muscles feel full and strong now.  I can see a major difference in my quads as they are a lot stronger in supporting myself during the workouts.  The way the workouts are mixed up do leave me wanting more.  But, I want to take this slow and enjoy the journey.  Maybe I'll expand it next month before going on to advanced.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

From Time To Eternity

The bonds of marriage really aren't like the ball and chain that they are made out to be.  Sure, I guess bondage and the binding legality of the ceremony can be confused.  One can even say that the bonds established bear greater further significance.  Remember that phrase "lawfully wedded" in the ceremony, you suddenly gain a whole 'other side' of the family that you append with the phrase "in-law."

At about 4pm on Tuesday, my sister-in-law Paula Stage-Squire lost her year-long battle with cancer.  I've done more praying in the last year than I have in the last decade with her being a primary focus.  She was a strong, intelligent and caring person of faith that people could rely on.  She was also the partner to a very good man, my brother-in-law Joe.  She loved her nieces and nephews immensely.  As you can see from the above photo, nature could easily be seen as the family backyard and they loved the outdoors.

I told my wife a little while ago that, if it weren't for what I learned from previous relationships, I would not have been good for her at all nor would I have appreciated her as much.  I have been made a better man by them.  People leave impressions and help shape our hearts through joy, pain and strife.  Paula did make us better people and all of our hearts are heavy at this time.  Today, she's no longer a sister-in-law but a sister from this temporary home.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Changing My Direction... Intentionally

Decided that it is worth making some life adjustments before throwing out a New Year's resolution -- as those really don't have a great track record for anyone.  Thanksgiving was a chance to give thanks for all that I have, have been given and have ahead of me.  That was the last stop before taking a detour to a better path.

When you grow up around someone that works out twice a day, takes his vitamins daily, has a physically intense 12 hour-a-day job and is always looking for a 'healthier' option, it is bound to creep into your psyche.  But knowing and practicing are two different things.  I have always been big on vitamins but, previous to this, I had gone with low carb and timed eating which worked together but didn't make much sense as a way to live long term.  I even decided to use a blender to mix smoothies using... well, we'll go into that another time as I have a video for that.  Although I felt good, portion control became an issue.  So I gave more than a glance to nutrient dense meal replacement products and found Shakeology.  It could sound like a quick fix but I'll explain that away in a future post but I can say that since starting it in October, I lowered my cholesterol 45 points, dropped a few pounds and have no issue with cravings.

So, the day after Thanksgiving, I went the Shakeology 3 day cleanse.  (Contact me here for details.)  Long story short, it is 3 days of restricted calories, 3 Shakeology drinks, some green tea, a gallon of water and a whole lot of bathroom breaks.  Generally, it is used for when you feel your weight loss is at a plateau, to detoxify and/or to start a new program.  In the end, over a belt size down and no hunger during the process.

Last week began phase 2.  The cleanse was a planned springboard for my new workout program.  Ever felt that you just didn't have time to work out?  Did you just skip it that day?  Did you ever let that stop you from going after that?  We all do it unless we are fiercely determined or on a show with Bob, Jillian and Dolvet.  That's when I saw 10 Minute Trainer.

Part of the idea here was the stacking your workouts.  Think about how one person, maybe yourself, would go to the gym and focus on 1 body part.  While holding that dumbell in your hand to do bicep curls, why not work another muscle or two.  Anyhow, it was a great first week of four and now starting the second week.  At the end, I will see where things go and, if I'm ready to ramp it up a bit more, possibly go to advanced series or stack the workouts.  As of now, I'm really thankful that I started this now and feel like I'm regaining a bit of myself.  I hope your next New Year's resolution is as fulfilling.

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