Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Rocking Out Behind The Keyboard

I've mentioned my history with music before this on the show as well as in print but sometimes your past comes back to bite you in the butt.  Ok, maybe...flick you on the ear.  These were good times.  I was a member of, Fak-Shen, a local band with a few songs on rotation locally and we had a nice following.  Someone out there probably even has a rare cassette from us.  Brian, Mike and myself had known each other as friends for years prior and were pre-AOL technophiles that would get together weekly.

Performing and setup can be a great test for an electronically structured group.  We had our mishaps like most bands.  Then there was a multimedia showcase called Mr. Bondi's Soundhouse held at Fremont Street Reggae & Blues that we were part of on Feb. 21, 1995.  The idea was that we'd play about 3 songs or so and they would film it.  So, what you see is a part of one of our songs with some playful editing by visual artist Anthony Bondi.  Definitely dark video for a not-so-upbeat song but understandably a reason for them to play with video effects.

I remember us getting a single copy of it later but have no idea who ended up with it or where it wound up.  So it was a welcome treat to see Mike send this to me this morning.  We can trick ourselves as we get older.  When you list your accomplishments, you may omit some things or embellish others.  Yet, sometimes it's just nice to have proof of your past.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Thank you, Gene

A few weeks ago, Kerry's uncle Gene passed away.  Services were held during the weekend.  Despite having other health concerns, it wasn't supposed to be a serious surgery that he went in for but, on his way to recovery, he departed.  I can't say I ever heard a mean-spirited word leave his mouth and he was very generous with his time.  We really are here to help each other on this temporary home and what kindness we show is our legacy.  Thank you Gene, for everything.