Friday, November 12, 2010

No, Really, I Don't Need An iPhone

If you've read anything posted in this blog or know me well, you'd wonder why I haven't embraced the iPhone yet.  I think about it here and there but I can say that the biggest reason is that I really like the coverage and service I get with Sprint.  I hardly get a dropped call and I have little trouble talking with customer support when an issue arises.  Another reason may be that I don't want a cellphone bill that rivals a car payment.  We have our 3 lines and of those mine gets a hefty amount of usage (and is the only one connected to the Internet.)  If I keep it minimal, it means that it becomes a tool more than a diversion.  (I've seen you Angry Birds addicts.)  A third reason would be that I have my 160GB iPod and don't want to choose what music I need to not put on an iPhone to make it fit.  I like keeping my music collection separate.   There are even more reasons but they aren't as important.

Anyhow, for the last... 5 years or so, I've been using a Sanyo Katana.  (Pictured above.)  Kind of Star Trek-ish in the flip-phone/clam shell style but it's been perfect for my needs for at least the last 4 years.  It was actually pretty funny that Kerry would purchase the Katana II (in pink) when it came out and she's still using it.  That leads us up to yesterday.  You see, for almost a year, the bar that wiggles to create the vibrate mode on the Katana II came loose and since has made a sound like two vinyl albums rubbing vigorously together when set to vibrate.  Can't just have someone crack it open and fix it.  Mine has been good but I do need to send more email while away from the home and office.  A sudden problem with the phone and its Internet settings finally got me to look into a different phone.

Still, I wanted to avoid a data plan, expand my ability to type on the go, broaden my ability to search for things, keep things minimal and stay with the same service.  -- Another thing really should be said here.  After 5 years, how much bacteria do you think can get deep down into the microphone area that you breathe into?  I mean, you can wipe the area but can't really get in there... just sayin'. --  After checking all our criteria, it led us to one device... the Samsung Seek.

The addition of a touch screen allows us to step tenuously into the future.  The slide-out QWERTY keyboard will allow me more versatility with my writing.  Oh, and no charge for the upgrade.  (That helps quite a bit.)  I got one just like the above picture and Kerry went with pink.  No costs, no service changes and no hassle.  The real test will be when they are in our hands in the next few days.  So, for a little longer... no iPhone for me.  And I'm pretty darn content with that.