Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Bella And Tulip Show 3: Coos Bay

So, here we are on our Hennessy 2010 West Coast Tour. Our first video comes from our stay in Coos Bay, Oregon. Tons of trees everywhere you look. The in-law's place is surrounded by a veritable forest with winding paths that I have yet to explore. On the first day there, we followed Bella who enthusiastically showed us around. Tulip and David make some guest appearances.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Hennessy West Coast Tour 2010

As most of you know, I don't travel often. I think it's because I like not being on a schedule for all things. I break out of the box today as we head out for Coos Bay, Oregon, to get our son from his grandparents. We'll stay there a few days and then head north to Bremerton, Washington, to his other grandparents' house for 3 days. Then back down to Coos Bay for 3 days (and where I'll be able to record one of the episodes of Talking 80s Music live.) After that, we head to Sacramento to see my a bunch of family on my side. (My sister and I were born there before relocating to Vegas when I was 2.) Then to Reno to see my friend Tracy. After that maybe we'll have time to putter through Carson City and Virginia City before returning to Las Vegas.

Yes, it sounds kinda harried, but we will get a lot in and I figure that it will be a great way to show David two state capitols in one trip. We also have an odd plan for music in the car. We each have our iPods and whenever we stop somewhere we will switch iPods but only play songs on the Top Rated list. Should be fun and educating (well... maybe more so for David as he hears a lot of songs he wouldn't otherwise.)

Tons of technology coming with us on the trip. (It'll be a test of the GPS.) Maybe a few videos will be filmed while there. We will also be taking the dogs (as it would be like making a mortgage payment if we left them somewhere.) Should be quite an amazing journey and I can't wait. Still got the a little jitters about walking away from the known around me for so long.

P.S. - The exact points on the map may not be factually correct as it was rushed and I've never been to either state.