Friday, December 13, 2013

Travel Tip #483

You have been busy with life.  Things get hectic but you still need to get some things done right or it will take more effort to fix it or you'll remain frustrated later.  That is where this tip comes in handy.

Guys.  If you are taking the girlfriend on a trip, you must book the room yourself.  Yes, this could be out of your comfort zone.  You may get yelled at for picking a lousy hotel, room or view but, trust me, you must do it.  Why?

Hotels have stepped up in the last dozen years.  The idea of customer service ranks high and to them that means familiarity.  So you will find you are asked for your name, called by that name and it will sound forced while it is repeated often.  Technology is amazing because they have your name in the computer once you book the room.  You use that name again when you check in.  So, they will repeat it thinking customer service wins over customers.  If the name is wrongly spelled, expect to hear it mispronounced often.

Ladies.  I will not leave you out.  If you really want to mess with your boyfriend, book the room yourself.  Why?  Because nothing upsets a guy more than being called Mr. (enter your last name) more than once per time you meet an employee.  He may even correct that one person but it will not be changed in the computer and he will get called that way again by the next one.  That could be about 8 times a day if you work it out right.

Guys.  If you are reading this too late, do not answer the door, phone or approach a desk of any type to avoid this issue.  My apologies if she read this first.