Friday, May 12, 2006

Life Update - 051206

Lots of stuff going on so let's dive in:

Missed my niece and nephew's birthday party last night. I was actually pretty excited about changing my shift to true weekends (Saturday/Sunday) as usually they celebrated these things then as I was usually the odd one out. Oh, well. Just means that I'm going to have to make a trip and spend some quality time with them to make up for it.

I've never been someone that gets excited about big gala events. I don't know if it's either that I'm just a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy or if it's the feeling that I'm on display. I believe that is why I've been hedging about going to one that my father is holding. I missed out on one before (which I planned on attending but had to finish the newsletter first and then couldn't find my sports coat) in which my father was honored. So, over the last few days, I've been planning to go to the tuxedo shop to get fitted (I think Dad came up with the idea of tuxes for all so I couldn't use the missing sports coat excuse again) but haven't made it. I did talk to the store owner and they'll let me do same day service on Saturday. I do plan on sneaking my camera into the event so expect a few photos. The one that I'd like most? A photo of my brother Michael with his godfather Tony Bennett (ok, maybe Jay Leno can be allowed in the photo as he'll be at the event also.)

Still working on adjusting my sleep. Things were going so well but then I had a string of nights where I'd see daylight before I could drift off. I think that I'm going to have to purchase big sheets of Styrofoam to fit my bedroom window (I never open up the blinds.) Styrofoam would block the sunlight (which rises on that side of the house) and also insulate the window during the summer season. I still need to try that 'hot shower when I get home' idea.

I'm on a frosted shredded wheats kick right now. I like them but by making that more of my meals, I won't eat a lot of the crap they serve at work. The buffet mentality is not conducive to weight maintenance, control or loss.

I'm trying to clear off my Tivo and DVD shelf before things get busy in June. Finally made it through the last of the Battlestar Galactica episodes. Now I have a bunch of Smallville and Bones episodes (maybe about 10 each) waiting for me.

I may be making a trip to Pittsburgh as the new company that I'll be working with (as early as June) wants me to see how they operate at the main office. I'm not big on travel unless I have a lot of free time and that's been dwindling over the last few years. I've been asked to clear a weekend to visit but I know that I prep the newsletter on Sunday (work on compiling new release data and sorting through some email press releases.) Maybe I can talk them into a Saturday (quick in and out) but I also wonder what am I going there on a weekend for if I want to see them work.

I think that someone would make a lot of money hiring me to compile great obscure songs for their upcoming movie soundtrack. They just need to call me and set up a meeting.

I was doing so well with my CD purchases for my iPod. I picked up a best of Kenny Rogers, best of Tanya Tucker and best of Freddie Jackson for $0.96 each. Then I found Danzig's Danzig, K.T. Oslin's Greatest Hits, Live's Throwing Copper (I know I have it somewhere but someone probably is holding onto it hoping that I forget) and This Mortal Coil's This Mortal Coil for $2.50 each. So things were looking great but then my The Best Of Kid Creole And The Coconuts came in... nowhere on the disc does it say live album. I'm pissed. I'm not big on most live albums and if I want a 'best of' I want it to be the best of the albums they've released.

I am also noticing that after mentioning that I'll expand upon a topic later in a post or reply, I often forget and never bring it up again. So here's to hoping that I remember.


Bar L. said...

Um,this is a great idea:

"I think that someone would make a lot of money hiring me to compile great obscure songs for their upcoming movie soundtrack. They just need to call me and set up a meeting."

Seriously Martin! You would be PERFECT at this! Dang, I used to know a ton of people in the film industry but am losing my connections fast. Maybe I need to jump on this before all my contacts forget me.

Send me a resume or a bio or something and I'll check with some of my "people" to see if they have any films in the works. I'm not joking!!!!

Bar L. said...

P.S. Publicity is free but if I bet you a big deal I at least want my name in the credits in small print.

Ken said...

Yeah. Adjusting sleep patterns is always difficult. I'm faced with another trip to India here in a about a week and that means working PST hours in India. Ugh.

BeckEye said...

Give Pittsburgh a big kiss for me!

Teri said...

Wow you do have so much going on.. It is making my head spin.

Happy Birthday to your niece and nephew!
You will have to let us know how the big event went..Pictures would be nice.
As for the sleep thing.. maybe blackout drapes on top of your blinds might work well. But then again styrofoam might be cheaper..

Martin said...

Bar - I wouldn't even know what to put on a resume for such a job. hahaha I would love to do that someday but selling the prospect would be tough.

Ken - Tried the shower thing last night and it worked well.

Beck - B) Good to see ya again. Yeah, I'm going to have to work on making that trip happen.

Ter - You might have to come over and show me what you'd do to the drapes to make it work next time you are over. B)