Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Project DIY: Bathroom Renovation

Ok, now that I'm feeling a bit more like myself, I have projects to get started on. I even made a little list last night. One of the big ones will be taking out the shower/bathtub in the hopes of converting the area to a full shower. It should be easier than when I converted the landscape outside, right?

You should be able to click on the photos to get a better look but essentially what is currently there is the original basic shower/bath. After my first few years in the house, I noticed some cracks in the tile on the side wall (zoom in to the mold on the bottom right.) I tried to do some of the repair myself but I came to the conclusion that water may have gotten back there. So, that requires a bit more renovation. I don't even use the tub in there as there is a second bathroom that looks just like it in the house. So changing over to a nice shower has been on my mind for the last year now. (I think having room to stretch in there is a good thing too.)

Before moving in, a co-worker gave me a bunch of boxes containing glass block. I expect to integrate that into the shower wall facing this way. I may also be replacing that window above the shower as it is useless (the contractor building the home put those in to avoid placing air vents in the bathrooms.) This means that I'll have to add ventilation to the remodel. But it should be a good project. I'd like to do the tiling myself and subcontract out the plumbing (I'm not even going to attempt it.) But first thing will be removing and cleaning the area. It'd probably be easier for me to screw it up and just call DIY To The Rescue. I really watch too many of those shows.

Oh, the other things on that list? 1) replace missing roof shingles from last storm 2) take crappy printer back to Costco 3) return bad peanut butter to Wal-Mart 4) send out new interview requests


BeckEye said...

I rent, so there will be no renovation, but I am painting my bathroom purple. Well, not all purple. The dividing wall will be purple and it will be awesome.

Martin said...

No gold Prince symbol on it? B)

Teri said...

ok this is comment attempt number 4.. I hope the other ones don't just randomly show up :) Testing Testing 123

Martin said...

You fighting with Blogger again, Ter?

Anonymous said...

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