Tuesday, July 03, 2007

When The Walls...Come Tumbling Down

The garage sale went better the second day. You see, I had a lot of furniture items and those don't always appeal to garage sale shoppers. But, I also put newer signs up that made the traffic easier. My sign from Rainbow (a major street) was intercepted by another garage sale sign which sent traffic away from my destination. More traffic came by after the new signs went up and I sold the big items that I needed to get rid of. Better yet, while cleaning, I found a few old photos of myself (as I've said, I don't take many) and will post them in the future.

I also got a little bit of yard work done in the back of the house. Which leads me to another issue: The Wall. Far from a Pink Floyd-ism, my neighbor has a pine tree planted in the corner of their yard. The roots have pushed the back wall behind our houses back where at some point it may fall on the neighbors behind and below our properties. The bricks you see on the ground, there on my side of the wall, were pushed over by a few big dogs next door as they want to play with the cats that find their way to my yard.

I know that the proper thing to do is go over to the neighbor's house and ask them about what is going on with their side of the wall. Of course, I'm not one for confrontation over something that I know little about and am unsure of when it comes to property rights. I was advised to talk to Las Vegas code enforcement. They take the call as anonymous but I figure that they will know it is my house as the bricks are here already. Yet, the wall is starting to give behind their house which may confuse. The neighbors with the pine tree are the same ones that have those dinosaurs I showed you.

There are several reasons for my concern when it comes to the wall at this time:

1) I don't want it to fall and not have the source noted
2) I don't want to have to pay to fix something that I didn't break
3) I have decided to sell my house soon and I know that this issue may keep that from happening.

It's going to be hard enough to sell my house with the neighbor's house having a trailer parked in front and a dinosaur in their front yard (they moved the triceratops.) Having a possible lawsuit (if the wall falls), possible need to pay a contractor to fix (if no party is found liable) and possible shouting match with a neighbor are not on my "Looking Forward To" list. I'm just curious how code enforcement looks into this and how the neighbors will react.

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LoraLoo said...

Whenever I read these stories I think my HOA isn't so bad.

I hope this gets resolved for you quickly and before you put the house up for sale!