Thursday, November 15, 2007

Life Update: 111507

So much to mention. Haven't had a chance to post for a bit as some issues popped up recently. So many things to do but not as harried as previously.

  • The open house went great. Had several people come in and look around (as well as a bunch of neighbors that were extremely curious.) Oddly enough, the house is extremely clean still as I haven't slept in the house until well... actually tomorrow.

  • I took 3 extra days off this week. I figured that it was going to be slow on two of them at work and the other made doing the newsletter on Monday easier.

  • Kerry's son David celebrated his 10th birthday on Tuesday. We picked up a few extras for him on Monday night (a few books, light weights, clothes and a core balance board.) Kerry even made a version of my sister's Ooey Gooey cake (which is a cleaner name for the Better Than Sex cake.)

  • Kerry had been experiencing some chest pain during the last month. We decided to go get it looked at while the cake cooled on Tuesday morning. UMC Quick Care didn't take any chances and had an ambulance take her to St. Rose Dominican Siena Campus. While they moved her, I finished topping the cake and wrapped the presents. Needless to say, she spent the next 36 hours under professional supervision and I left only long enough to charge our cell phones. They said her heart is in great shape after the tests and now they are still running tests on her blood while she is out.

  • Sadly, this meant she wasn't able to spend the day with her son. This upset her more than anything. David did get to stop by a little later at the hospital after she was admitted to a room. He understood but of course didn't want to leave his mom. I tried to cheer him up by telling him that 10 years ago that day, he was in a hospital with his mom... and he was again now.

  • It is going to be interesting to see how much her part of the bill is but most important is knowing that her heart is alright and hopefully the source of the chest pain will be found soon.

  • Kerry didn't want to scare anyone and didn't want me to tell anyone what was going on at first. It was pretty funny because her mother grilled me as soon as I said that she was undergoing some tests, etc. I don't lie well. I didn't talk to anyone else but her work... word spread quickly. One of the funniest things was when someone from Central Christian church came by. Then another. We figure her brother Joe (who goes there) told them but we hadn't talked to him yet. Feels weird having people ask you to pray with them but it's very thoughtful. We are spreading a rumor that we left before a third one showed up.

  • You would expect healthier food at the hospital commissary. Fried mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, fried battered fish, pizza, hot dogs, chili, french fries... and the like. Sure, there are deli sandwiches but I've never been a fan of them. I opted for the unhealthy chili cheese dogs that I considered comfort food. Ok, the split pea with ham soup was better than I thought.

  • I'm expecting that we will be spending the next weekend at home taking it very easy. Usually, weekends are kind of precarious as she usually works late on Saturday and Sunday is the only day we get to spend together. Hard to really plan anything but until we hear back on the rest of the blood tests (she has to have more blood taken on Friday.) Kerry and I both head back to work today. Her co-workers called in a conference call to wish her well while she was in the hospital.

  • We figured that her small veins were pretty difficult to find as they tried 7 to 8 times to put in a catheter. They then drew vials of blood about 5 to 6 times. What made that funny was that when she checked her messages when she got home, there was a call from United Blood Services asking her to come and donate.

  • On a lighter note, it took me over a month to finish Atlas Shrugged. I was shooting for an exact month but things couldn't be helped. I can understand why people tell me it is their favorite book. Someday, I'll read it again... or hear the audiobook. It fits amazingly well in my reading list as Communist Manifesto came before it and Marxism follows.

  • My friend Tracy just told me that she has been advised that her question may be taken during the CNN Democratic Presidential Debate tonight. I hope they take it as her specialty is the Las Vegas Valley water condition and treatment. (update: Watched it but she didn't get time to ask a question. I think the questions asking a direct "yes or no" went long.)

  • I picked up a few exercise bands the other day. I figure that they are more portable than my bulky rebounder. I'll be looking around online for different ways to use them while clearing things off my Tivo.

  • I guess my rantings about Las Vegas here and there in the blog inspired someone to seek me out as an expert. Silly isn't it. I guess this company (similar to needed someone to write better articles than they had previously. The pay looks interesting but I don't see it happening. I have too little time as it is.

  • I also had another offer from a ticketing Web site about placing a link on for their services. I've always avoided placing any unrelated ads on the site. This is an interesting one that I need to make a decision on soon. Sure, money is involved but on a yearly rate. I'm pretty sure that I could do better but then again, I don't want to promote dating services, poker, condoms, Viagra, the liberty dollar, Pokemon... or anything that doesn't have to do with what the site does.


Ken said...

First, happy birthday to David. He's a good kid.

Second, Kerry's in our thoughts are prayers. I'm sure it's nothing, but hopefully they find something they can treat. That's the worst.

LoraLoo said...

Wow, what a week. Hope Kerry is feeling 100% soon!