Monday, May 12, 2008

We Wii

As many people may know, I have been avoiding console games for most of my life. (Dating back to the Atari 2600 and 800.) There is just something wrong with having an entire box become obsolete. I say this because I was big into the online role-playing games for awhile. I would leave work early just to come home and play Dark Age Of Camelot. Most of the weekend would disappear as well. Anyhow, I have always welcomed a game onto my computer more than buying 'the latest' system.

I do have to put a little of the blame on Lloyd and Teri for letting us play with their Wii one night when we were over for our purchase. Kerry absolutely loved the games and interaction. Wouldn't you know that when all our wedding gifts were added up that we had $250 in Best Buy gift cards (enough to get the Wii.) She was hopping around the house singing/chanting: "We're getting a Wii! We're getting a Wii!" So, it is done.

I've decided that I'll be canceling my gym membership and putting the money aside from that towards some of the interactive games they have. It is the first system that I've seen where you can get an aerobic workout in by playing some of the games or taking some of their physical tests. With that in mind, we pre-ordered Wii Fit (I'm putting the YouTube video of the commercial below). I think there is a better chance that I will go to the living room than to the gym. It also looks fun. A little expensive at around $90 but if it keeps the family entertained and slightly more active... it's a winner.


Fred said...

I got a Wii from the The Missus for my 50th. That was followed by Guitar Hero. Up next? Rock Band.

Hey, I have to be able to relate to my students, right?

Ken said...

We have a Wii and enjoy it. Amy more than me, but it's great when we have a bunch of people over!

New White Keds said...

I keep intending to play it, but it is just not as much fun when there is no one to play WITH... lol.. but the wii fit looks awesome! Where did you preorder and how do I do it!?

Kayla said...

Hi, saw you via Amulet's blog and want to check out your blog. What attracted me was the "I love the 80's"
I've played Wii bowling once.
Pretty cool

LoraLoo said...

The Wii is awesome... I definitely don't get to play as often as I'd like but I'm so glad we got one.