Monday, April 15, 2013

New Numbers For A New Martin

I stopped in to the doctor's office today to get my latest blood test.  So, I thought that I'd do a little side-by-side comparison.  I'm on this journey, as I've said, and it's nice to have a little science to back up the changes.  (Ok, 31 lbs. is still a scientific measurement but let's look internally.)

                                 18 mos. ago             Now

Cholesterol                   218                       130
Triglycerides                  285                       89
LDL                              123                       73
HDL                              38                        39

So, amazing drop in triglycerides, isn't it?  Weird to think that you can be proud of your blood.  All positive numbers.  Even the least positive, my HDL went a point in the right direction (up.)  Still need to work on adding a few different things to my diet to try to bring that higher.

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