Thursday, October 17, 2013

How To Accidentally Stick Yourself With A Pin

There is something wonderful when we share things.  People are just wired that way.  It's the reason why language developed and why social media is dominating people's lives today.  Whether it is opinion, product, recipe, motivational message or D.I.Y. how-to, people like to let other people know about the things that interest them.  Heck, some of us go out and solicit those things from others.  The human experience includes moments when you've had someone come up to you and ask, "How did you do that?," when it comes to weight loss, auto customization, home decor, physical feat... etc.

That's where Pinterest becomes interesting.  I have to admit that it took me years before I decided to sign up for the site.  Probably because most everything that I saw on there had to do with holiday creations, hairstyling, wedding dresses, nail designs... well, let's just say that I thought it wasn't for guys.  It didn't help that my sister recommended it.  But, the idea behind it is basic.  You link a favorite site or image and explain it while allowing other people to "like" it, "pin" it or ignore it.  Pinning something is like putting it on a bulletin board to file it away.  Liking it does the same thing except it is all clumped together and not shared with your "friends."

As many of you readers would know, my interests are rather diverse.  Heck, you could see from my account what weird crap that I'm posting errr... pinning.  I usually use it to bookmark items, research recipes and find new health/workout tips.  But, I think some people really don't use the site appropriately.  Let's think about it for a second.  If you pin something, all your friends and, actually, everyone sees it.  If you like it, they don't.  So, if you "pin" a recipe, it better be good or your friends will think your taste buds don't work.  If you "like" a recipe, you can try it first and share it with people if you think it's worth anything.  Think of this as a reputation defender.  You wouldn't share a "how-to" tip on making a bookshelf if the end product doesn't hold books, would you?  Just remember, your friends... or future friends are judging you.

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