Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Life Update: 040214

Last month was pretty busy and it's a good time to wrap it up here.

    We signed an offer on a home (still in Henderson) and should entirely be moved in by July 1.  A lot of work will be involved (with a month or more of projects before moving) but it just means all my viewing of DIY Network and HGTV will come to good use (and will probably include new ones to join my other TV show recordings.)

    Moving is kind of like spring cleaning for pack rats.  So much so that you'd probably hear me squeak every time the family decides on what makes the cut and what goes to charity.  Books, DVDs, furniture... they will all go through some American Idol type of contest.  Which reminds me of that one series of posts I did years ago with my shirts here on the site.  Speaking of that, our first bags of clothes have been sent out.  I had 4 of those zip-lock type storage bags for clothes full of things Kerry had never seen before... some about 2 decades old.  I modeled the stuff and let her decide if she could bear seeing me in them.

    Goals and attaining them, we finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel.  We've bee working with David on driving for quite some time.  First it was weekends in parking lots.  Then it was a few streets here and there.  During our summer trip, he drove a leg from Las Vegas to Baker.  David's next step was taking his driving test and, on top of a few other errors, one big one (in timing his entering into traffic) prevented them from passing him.  For the next few weeks, I had him drive to school with me while I drove the car back home.  Kerry would also take him out at night when she could.  He passed with a 95 on the last day of the month.  Yesterday was his first day driving to school without anyone in the care with him.  Ok, sure, I followed him... sue me.  He drove back home by himself.  Today he told me he was ready to go and I told him, "I think you are ready.  I'm not following you today."  He sent me a text when he arrived.

    We've been pricing all the new appliances, tile and all sorts of things needed for the new house and the wife has been trying to calm me down.  I don't like numbers.  I really don't like numbers that have a real world meaning.  I like them even less when I start thinking, "Isn't someone giving something like this away on Craigslist or something?"

    Kerry and I celebrated our 6th anniversary and decided to keep with our go to a different town each year trend with a trip to the Pahrump Winery and their Symphony restaurant.  Last time I was there was over 20 years ago.  The wine that is named for their restaurant was impressive as well as their red blend.  Wish I could have picked up a few bottles there but It looks like we will just have to make a return trip.  Kerry was pretty impressed with the food.  I was impressed with the company.  I am a lucky and blessed man that doesn't deserve to live this well.

    Started a new workout called Focus T25 today.  I'm sure, once I adjust, I'll be alright but it's quite different from Les Mills Combat and I had a few shaky moments starting out.

    Been doing some research on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation.  I really haven't talked about that part of the family here much but I am part Chippewa.  I think that I have visited there, at most, 3 times.  Once for St. John, North Dakota's 100th anniversary in 1982, once for grandpa's funeral and I believe once on a quick trip through on vacation (which could be confused with the first one as I was just about to turn 11.)  As one of the oldest structures in town, Grandpa's house has became a visitor's center.  I recently learned that he used to give out pennies during Halloween.  Well, you have to account for inflation but it was worth more back then.

    Looks like we are going to be spending a lot of our vacation time this year working on the house.  We will still make it off to Sacramento and a few days in November for my brother's wedding.

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