Friday, May 18, 2001

The Go-Go's - God Bless The Go-Go's

Probably the biggest surprise this year was the release of the first new studio album by The Go-Go's in 17 years. A band that musically had everything going for it but each went their own way only to reunite once every so many years to play live and disappear again. Would the magic be there? How will they sound?

This album is pure caffeinated energy. God Bless The Go-Go's opens up with the guitar assault of "La La Land" and the appropriate announcement 'Hello world! We're here again!' Co-written with Green Day's Billy Joe Armstrong (who also adds a little guitar on the track,) the first single "Unforgiven" is evidence to that. "Here You Are" and "Daisy Chain" are possibly the closest to ballads you will get. "Vision Of Nowness" shows off the ladies vocal harmonies. Vague enough to let you insert your own frustrating relationship, "Automatic Rainy Day" would make a great single on it's own. "Throw Me A Curve," "Kissing Asphalt" and "Talking Myself Down" are also strong tracks.

Possibly the best thing to see on this album is that everyone contributed to writing somewhere which shows how much of a band effort this was. At a time when female rock acts are few or are just vocal groups, The Go-Go's have returned to show us why they won't be forgotten. God Bless The Go-Go's!

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