Monday, June 25, 2001

The Cult - Beyond Good And Evil

After a 1994 self-titled release, The Cult went in separate directions. Ian Astbury worked solo and Billy Duffy did some work with Mike Peters of the Alarm. A reunion tour in 1999 awoke the urge to return to the studio. They then recorded the song "Painted On My Heart" for the Gone In 60 Seconds soundtrack which wound up getting more airplay than they expected. What else could the band do but write some 60 songs for an album.

Beyond Good And Evil is probably the most haunting yet aggressive and hard that I've heard The Cult starting with the assault of "War (The Process)." The amazing first single off the album, "Rise," is possibly the best song the band has written in over a decade. If "Rise" is the pinnacle then the ballad "Nico" is the stop-gap. Other highlights are the mesmerizing "Ashes And Ghosts," driving "American Gothic" and anthem-like "My Bridges Burn."

The Cult have truly reconvened. This is great driving music and has a pulse that doesn't quit. But that could be the only problem I see with the album -- track order. The first 5 songs are so strong that, when running back to back, the variety is missing. I'd only suggest adjusting the track order but that's such a minor complaint when all the material is tremendous. Beyond Good And Evil is so beyond what fans expected that it's a sin to miss .

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