Saturday, October 15, 2005

So Much To Do With No Obvious Order

It seems like everything is going on at the same time right now. As I've mentioned previously, my Isuzu Rodeo was in an accident. The insurance company has decided it is a total loss. Meaning that I will receive around $3,000 minus the $500 deductible. The way the company works is that when they give you their offer, my car rental coverage stops. So, I have been thinking about what type of automobile to move to. It'll have to be cheap (within the money returned to me) because financing something right now will kill my home equity line of credit (HELOC) loan process. So, I've decided the next vehicle will be a 2-year deal. Essentially, I'm going to buy what I can, use the time to save on gas (that Rodeo had a drinking problem) and buy a newer vehicle 24 months later. I just need to find one by Tuesday. No sweat, right? So that is on my mind.

The loan process is important as I have a chance to start a new vocation in the next few weeks. If it doesn't happen then, it'll be about 18 months down the road and that 2-year car will become a 4-year deal. Once set in motion and secured, I'll be able to use my equity to help me make it through the tough couple years of internship. But, it also means leaving a job I've been at for almost 12 years (which is tough because I have a lot of good friends there.)

Then there is Nana. Her surgery on the tumor went alright. The only problem was when they went in and discovered cancer on her bladder. In some ways I'd think they'd just go in and take that then but to not lessen her chance of recovery, they stopped there -- she is 85. Mom said the thin and spirited little woman looks has been weakened dramatically but is fighting through it. I guess, cancer really starts spreading once it's being removed and she'll need all the strength she can by then. She's forefront of my addled mind. Having the transportation and the money to spend more time with her would be wonderful and are a few of the reasons why I'm making the changes but I need to also keep my thoughts and prayers (yes, be scared, I'm saying a few prayers for Nana) on her right now. I just think that if the Lord wanted to take a saint, he would have grabbed her long ago. So, I figure there are still things here for her to do.


Bar L. said...

I agree...I don't know Nana but she seems like someone that is not done living. I'm praying for her too. I'm sorry to hear about the cancer...I that disease more than any other! Hugs to you my friend. Hang in there - all of this will work out even if it feels overwhelming at the moment.

LoraLoo said...

Well woman put it very well. Nana seems like quite the fighter, I will keep her in my prayers.

Good luck on the car search - I had no idea the Rodeo was damaged enough to be totaled! Wow. She really did give you your money's worth, you had her for a long time!

Looks like you have new doors opening up, so congrats, and good luck. You'll be successful, I'm sure of it. :)

Teri said...

Wow, you have a really full plate right now. My thoughts and prayers are with your Nana.

Anytime you want to come over and chat with us, we are here.. A really good friend of ours just brought over a favorite bottle of wine that we wouldn't mine sharing..