Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Office Of An 80's Nut

I have tons of shopping to do. I'm feeling a lot better but the mix of Thera-flu and cough medicine seems to make me sleep longer than I want. This may be good because I'm feeling a lot better but I've neglected my shopping. So, I'm going to be spending tomorrow and the last few days before the holiday doing just that. Today is also my last day of work for the year. This is going to help me get a lot of things done. I'll hopefully get that icon put on the other site, finish a few reviews and clean up quite a bit.

Speaking of cleaning up, I figured I'd rip open the veil and show the home office in the photo provided above. It really needs some organizational help. If you look carefully, there are 3 stacks of CDs near the computer that have been added to the collection over the year (there are some others in the car) and a rack full of my non-80's collection at the far right. Yes, I have too much crap. Hopefully, I'll go through the CDs and find a home for each of them (the rack or the storage boxes which I'll explain during a later post.)

If you feel very adventurous, my little orange Chinese beaver on my monitor (I figure it's Chinese because the label says he was made there) needs a name. He/she (I haven't had the heart to check) looks over all my posts, my newsletters and keeps my monitor clean (has a soft lint-attracting belly.) It's not good with spell-checking but you can't have everything.


LoraLoo said...

I just can't stop laughing at the concept of a beaver over your monitor.

Uh huh huh uh huhh huh huh He said Beaver.

Bar L. said...

Martin, are you sure that's a beaver? If so I need to know the gender before I suggest a name. If its female, how about Barbie Beaver?

Thanks for a look into your private world. Oh how I'd love to dig through that stack of CDs!

Unknown said...

cute beaver..

that doesnt sound right..

Beth said...

Love your beaver, Sugar. Name it Pumpkin.

David Amulet said...

That desk is WAY too clean. The CDs are even neatly stacked ... a travesty!

-- david

Nik said...

OMG, you are an OCD person's almost worst nightmare! I'm cringing just looking at the picture. Although, it does look fairly kept, it's not in any kind of order. How do you do it?

As for the beaver-- I gotta leave that one alone. hehehehe

Fred said...

I'm with Nik - can't you clean that mess up? :)

Have a great holiday weekend, Martin.

Ethel said...

Merry Christmas. Good luck shopping!