Friday, December 30, 2005

Getting Sirius About iPod

This year was pretty strong for me technologically. Starting with the new car. I've never had a new one before. So the one thing that I told myself that I'd get if I got a new vehicle was a better radio setup. I get upset that I can't listen to every football game possible when I'm driving around on a Sunday. I also think that the 80's station we are provided here repeats the top 10 from every year on the hour every hour. With these in mind, I decided that I wanted Sirius. Now, I find myself listening to the First Wave station (33), The Big 80's station, BBC Radio 1, Sirius Talk Left, Sirius Talk Right, Fox News, ESPN and sometimes I'll browse around.

The next step that I made in technology was after Christmas. I kept telling myself that I couldn't fit all my music on an iPod so it wouldn't be worth it. Then I started thinking that there would be repeat songs (I own most of the CDs that the 'best of' albums are created from so I'll just not add those and any songs that I don't deem worthy.) So, I took the $185 that I received in Best Buy gift cards and added it to the $159 that my father spent on a Shiatsu massage chair pad and heat lamp. Those put me over $300 and made it more tantalizing to purchase the 60 Gigabyte video iPod. I've filled 17 gig of it so far and have much more to add to it. I also need to go through the 300 disc changer in the other room, the crates of CDs and find a way to get into my old auto CD changer (without power it won't eject.) But, so far, I like the challenge but I'm sure all this ripping and ejecting of discs will kill my computer CD/DVD drive. But, how cool is it to be able to walk around with your whole music collection on hand? When someone says, "Who is Nitzer Ebb?" I can just pull out the iPod and show them. Should prove interesting.

So I've immersed myself in technology this year and do not see much more purchasing of it in the next year (maybe another small TV and a hi-definition Tivo... maybe.) So does technology control or do you feel we are getting better control of technology?


Matt said...

I had to do the Sirius in the new car too. They were the only company that offered a lifetime subscription. The best piece of audio equipment I’ve ever purchase. Although I rarely move off of 20 and 27, I have the options. As for the CD changer, get some alligator clips, spare wire, and a small fuse (I usually use a 3 amp or less). Hook it up and hit the eject button.

Fred said...

If I had to drive for any length of time, I'd get Sirius. I'm a Stern fan, so that would be the deciding factor over XM. But, I drive 13 miles round-trip per day, so I'll stick with AM for now. The 80s station does the same thing here; it's got a tired rotation of the same crap.

I've got all the technology I need. When it's time to replace this computer, I'll read up so I can get the snazziest thing out there.

Happy New Year, Martin.

LoraLoo said...

I have the 60gb IPod, definitely worth every penny. I found a neat little program that will allow you to play from your IPod database on a PC without i-Tunes, if you're ever interested. My homebase for i-Tunes is here at home but I listen to the I-Pod in the office every day.

Don't you love hearing the old Mtv v-jays on The Big 80's? Alan Hunter is my favorite; he's personable and goofy.

I get complaints a lot in my line of work about how much we rely on technology - when it fails, we're helpless (i.e., an office PC). I can see their point - if all of your records and correspondence are electronic, you might as well go home if it's not available.

CatWoman said...

I'm confused. I though I pods can store ten thousand songs?
Am I missing something here. With that you should be able to download all your favorite songs off of every cd you have. I still don't have one but one day when I have time I will.

Bar L. said...

Martin, you are the only other person I know that has both a Sirius and an iPod. Those two things have become more important to me than any other material item I own (other than the computer which is more than a material item in my mind).

I have the 20gb Pod and it's almost full, I have over a week's worth of my favorite songs and I take it everyhere. I got one of those things with speakers that you can stick it in and even though it's small, the sound is really good.

On Sirius I listen mostly to Classic Vinly, The Vault, a few NPR shows and Hair Bands. But actually I listen to all the rock stations and quite a few of the pop stations. Variety is the spice of music.

Have a wonderful, wonderful New Year.

thc said...

I read where Apple sold something in excess of 22 million iPods this year (mine is a 4 gig Nano that Mrs. THC gave me for Christmas).

New White Keds said...

Marten, I do not ready your blog often enough, as I am reminded every time I do a catch up reading. Truely intereting and insightful.

Not so big on the 80s as you are, but I will tell you, I LOVE the 80's station on XM Radio. Ken and I both have XM -- him for sports, and me for no reason other than Ken is cool and generous like that. I do, however, want an iPod or MP3 player. I think that is my next technology purchase. Last year was a PC, RAM and a digi camera... this year, I believe I will turn to music.

Anyway, Happy New Year and all that mushy stuff.

Lucy Stern said...

My daughter is getting ready to buy one of those 60 gig. video Ipods. My husband has a 40 gig. Ipod and he has music, books on tape, the scriptures and other stuff on it and still has plenty of room. He has had it now for two years and the battery is starting to get weak. We will have to ship it in for a new one soon. Have fun with your new Ipod. I know TF and Bonnie love there's.