Saturday, March 04, 2006

Poe Slacker Me

Things have been a little busy lately. I've also been slacking a bit on the posting as I started thinking (if I post less, people have more time to comment etc.) but that's just a catch-22 created by 'the man.' Anyhow, here's a quick update on what I've been doing (in no certain order):

Went and read Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven," "Eldorado" and "Annabel Lee" to Mrs. Mann's 4th grade class. Good kids and no, I didn't sneak in any adult humor. Poe has and will always be one of my favorite authors due to the lack of respect he earned during his short 40 years on this earth, his variety of writing styles (poetry, novella, plays, etc.) and his morbid obsessions. Sounds like some of the kids took up my call to learn all the big words they could from the dictionary.

Mom has been in the hospital since Wednesday with an upper respiratory infection (I believe, as detailed information has been unusually vague.) All I can think about is the last few times that she was in the hospital for having an attack of emphysema which were close calls. Things really have changed for her physically as I remember a much healthier woman raising me. My youngest brother, Michael, flew in to surprise her and I'm hoping her relationship with my brother, Matt, will thaw during this time. We are a stubborn lot.

Grandma (Dad's mom) went back into the hospital for surgery to remove more cancer found on her bladder. They expect it's going to be a short outpatient procedure but I'm still concerned.

Measured my front, back and side yards today. This is actually a big task as I set in motion the process of converting to desert landscape in October. The rush is on now as my slacking has left be with 34 days to complete everything (if I want to be reimbursed $1 per sq. ft.) I'm expecting to rent a sod cutter next week and then learn a lot about drip systems. Should prove to be an interesting project.

When I helped Matt move several months ago he offered me his sectional. Little did I know how big it or expensive it was. It seems that it didn't fit the decor of his new place. So, I spent last week rearranging the room, painting the coffee table and rewiring the HDTV/surround set-up. The living room looks amazing and only needs a little more touches to be finished. I owe Matt bigtime.


Bar L. said...

Hey, just read your comment you left me, thanks. I didn't know aoubt the "b*tch", sorry to hear it.

I'll be praying for your mom and grandma's health. I hope they both feel better soon. I know its hard to see people you care about not feeling well and worrying about them.

Your new yard will be great...a desert motif in the desert? Love it. I have a cactus garden I think I'll post a pic.

Your new furniture sounds great, are you going to have a party and invite all your blog friends? I'm within driving distance!!!

Beth said...

Wow, Sugar. Sorry things have been so rough lately. I'll be thinking about you.

LoraLoo said...

My wishes to Mom and Grandma for a speedy recovery.

So you're going to do this desert landscaping pretty much yourself? Kudos to you, we were lazy and paid someone else to do it. I think it's also my need for everything to be done right away. Long-term projects make me absolutely insane. Me, a control freak? Nahhh....

Fred said...

Hope everyone is doing better. Good luck with your landscaping project; that's something I'd like to do if I lived out there.

Fred said...
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David Amulet said...

I also am sorry to hear things haven't been better. take a load off and pace yourself on posting here--we don't want you to burn out and be gone altogether. We'll be patient.

-- david

Martin said...

Well, it looks like Mom is feeling a lot better. They also believe they have found the source of some other problems but we'll see. Thanks for the support. B)

Perplexio said...

Poe is also the TRUE creator of the detecitve story... something Arthur Conan Doyle later perfected (and as a result often erroneously takes credit for creating).

I've been a fan of Poe's work since I was in Middle School. It truly is a delight to read. I prefer his short stories, but I do enjoy much of his poetry as well.

It truly is a pity that he was never truly appreciated in life and that the accolades didn't come until after he had shuffled loose his mortal coil.