Friday, March 31, 2006

Got I.D.?

When I walk into work each day, I'm required to show my I.D. It was much worse when there were threats against some of our hotels for possible "dirty bombs." Our bags were searched each day. This never bothered me too much. I figure that I can take a few seconds of my time to help security. I also know that, currently, if we don't have our I.D. when we walk in, we stopped and are walked to Human Resources to verify who we are and have to pay to get a new I.D. card. This sucks when you are running late. Yes, it's easier to just comply.

The reason why I'm thinking about this is that I have Georgia on my mind... that is Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Representative McKinney was stopped while in a rush and heading into government building without wearing a pin that allows government officials to bypass security. According to witnesses, she turned and hit a security officer in the chest while holding er cell phone after he put his hand on her shoulder when she was told to stop.

McKinney held a press conference today claiming that she was stopped because she was "a black congresswoman" and has hired a lawyer although she has been told not to talk about the incident as it may go to court. Whether charges for assaulting security are filed against her, I think about the fact that I'm heading into work in a few minutes and know the procedure. My I.D. card is in my hand as I walk through. How's the security at your work?


Bar L. said...

I work in an office with five guys so they recognize me right away when I walk in the door each morning, I'm the one with the...skirt.

But the last place I worked went into mega-security mode after 911 and we had to wear badges at all times and they got video cameras near all the elevators, etc. We did have one crazy person come in once, but he was harmless, just weird.

As for that congresswoman...she should be thankful they check people! I don't think she's a very good example...don't get me started on that.

Teri said...

When I worked at Bellagio they did the same thing.. They just didn't seem to pay attention to the badge. One time I switched badges with a friend of mine who didn't look anything like me and they let us walk right through.. How is that for feeling safe and secure?

LoraLoo said...

We don't have much for security. We're required to wear badges but I hardly go into somewhere where no one knows who I am. When I come in they're always waiting for me..."Hey, the computer lady's here!"

Lily said...

We don't have id cards at work but you do need an access code to enter the building.

This congresswoman blaming the security guard for failing to recognize her is egotistical.

Unknown said...

McKinney using the race card kinda pissed me off, but it could of been because she was black..who knows?

Security is only as good as the worst employee in that department. Doesn't matter what the rules and regs are..if the security dude is a moron, its worthless.

New White Keds said...

We are supposed to wear badges -- I know the security guy at our front desk. He greets me by name every morning. But if I forget my badge, he is the first one to make me sign in and take a temp badge for the day. Seems silly, but maybe it works.