Wednesday, March 28, 2007

One Of Those Signs That I Don't Want To Grow Up

Somewhere in the back of my head, I hear this little voice (not that I normally hear voices mind you) that says, "That's it! I'm sick of feeling responsible all the time." Of course, I tell it, "Quiet in back or I toss you out of the bus." It is true that I throw a lot on my plate and, for some reason, when I take on a project it dedicates sections of my life from then on to it. The best examples of that are the newsletter, website, podcast and writing the book.

I think that is why I surround myself with some reminders that I really am a child at heart. There's a whole section of my DVD collection dedicated to that but while cruising through the store looking for gifts for the nieces and nephew, I saw Ernie. Yes, I know there have been rumors that Ernie and Bert are ummm... gay. I don't see it but what I remember most about the character are his rubber ducky and his laugh. I catch myself mimicking it still to this day. So, I quickly threw Ernie in the cart under the guise that I'm getting it "for someone." Anyhow, he now sits up on my very crowded headboard with his new friend Mr. Raider Bulldog.

Even though there are times when I look over there and think that Ernie looks like Mr. R.B.'s prison cell-buddy (for lack of a better word), I also see something that quiets that little voice and says, "I haven't forgotten what it's like to be a child. I'm just too responsible to let it control my life." Heck, I'd love to wake up as early as possible on Saturdays to watch cartoons in the morning with my Just Right, Kix or Pac-Man cereal sitting in front of me. But as you notice from that train of thought... cartoons now are on Sunday mornings (and there are several 24/7 channels dedicated to them) and it is really hard to find any of those 3 cereals. When things change, you have to grow up and accept it... but hold that little something to remind you of those early Saturday mornings.


LoraLoo said...

Remember when you had to wait for Saturday morning to watch cartoons? And if you slept too late, you might miss that one favorite until next week? I feel old just thinking about it.

I don't have much of my childhood reminders around, but it's the minimalist in me (is that even a word?) that gave it away or put it away in a box out of sight.

BeckEye said...

You should see the ridiculous number of Daffy Duck figurines I have. I even have this statue of him that's about 3 feet it before the WB store went out of business.

Lily said...

I'm surprised you can't find Kix, I see it all the time at the grocery store.

The good thing about those fun Sat morning cartoons is you can find a ot of them online now. I know it's not the same as watching on tv thought.