Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Digital Transfer

It's very easy to say that I've been busy. I've got a lot of projects going on and some just about to start. Today, I decided to talk about one of them -- the computer. I had a lot of issues recently when recording my podcasts. I can't say that technical support has been effective at all. So, I had to step back and think around the issue. This culminated in the purchase of a new computer from Apex Computers.

Before you say "Who?", it might bear explaining that I think that most computers you purchase at the store have too much junk on them. One that has you register separate parts with the company, a program or two that boot up that you know you don't want, e-mails from the company telling you that your trial-software should be upgraded for $29.95... Anyhow, have avoided that for over a decade now by going to the same little store (in Las Vegas) where my friend Tracy used to work. Good people that haven't done me wrong.

So, yesterday before work, I picked up my new monster. Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 processor, 2GB memory, two 320GB Western Digital hard drives, a DVD drive, a DVD burner, an Nvidia 8500 video card, card reader, sleek black case and... Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit. That latter part is rather interesting as you will want the more processor-heavy programs to take full advantage of the faster bus speed but some of those programs are only 32-Bit. I'm sure they'll get with the program sooner or later though. I was up until 10am installing software. I'm impressed so far but then again, new computers always run really fast for a month or two.

Should be interesting to see how recording the show works this week. But for now, I'll be going between my computers with a 4GB USB card moving files over. I have a ton of media files on the other hard drives (150GB and 250GB.) My external 250GB hard drive has issues also as it hasn't been working for the last few weeks. It'd be a lot easier just using that as a medium. (Which reminds me that the previous computer is having issues with burning DVDs as I need 14 to back up my iTunes.) This will be a headache but I can see a lot of good in the future. I've already had my first errors as I move files from the card to the new drives. It pretty much fails here and there putting files across mentioning an error code that the Vista website doesn't recognize. Brilliant. It's just going to take adjustment. My fingers are crossed though.

I also have a few other projects in the works. I need to hold a garage sale next weekend (30th/1st). No computers are going but I need to run around the house and really unclutter some things. Charity already got the shirts from RockStar. Other projects include 'the wall' which I'll explain in detail soon and storing some of the household items that I don't use to unclutter the house.


LoraLoo said...

Sounds like you could slap some wheels on that thing and drive it..LOL I'll be curious to see what you think of Vista in a month or so.

You really need a NAS (network attached storage)drive or two. I have a 500 GB wireless where I keep backups. You might do alright with a TB, I know your CD collection. Costco offers the 500GB wireless for $299.

BeckEye said...

I'm very comfortable with computers, but I don't think I understood a word of that. ;)

Martin said...

Lora - I could probably make due with the 500MB one. Terrific idea. I need to be reminded of that in about 8 months or so when I'm really laying out the whole system and trying to set up file sharing between the computers.

Beckeye - And don't think we love you any less for it. B) Never fear me going over peoples heads because I can't stay up there too long. hahaha