Friday, June 01, 2007

Life Update - 060107

A lot has been going on with a feeling of being backlogged mounting (some of them don't really deserve their own post anyhow.) So, that means it's time for an update. But, I'll be asking a question at the end, so feel free to help me with what goes in my next post.

  • Grandpa is doing amazingly well after everything. I think the only thing that has changed is his hearing has gotten a bit worse. He and Grandma have a thing for bingo and happen to be pretty lucky in the game recently.
  • I've come to the decision that I need to have a garage sale in the next month or so. I have a lot of junk that can easily go and they only clutter the house right now. Probably on a Sunday and maybe a Saturday (if I can work around the podcast.)
  • I've discovered that I really enjoy the interviews that I do during the podcast but they take a lot of work. There are some possible ones coming but technical difficulties with Skype have me weary. Those listening to the little link to the podcast on the left side of the blog will notice that I sound like a little odd sometimes. (No, I haven't been bitten by a radioactive chipmunk.) It seems to be an issue with the Flash player. I've recently picked up a book, Television & Radio Announcing, to try to help me get better with presentation.
  • It seems that Connor and Olivia do rather well in these pageants. Here's an article about them with a photo of Connor #4. Although they were runners up last year (as mentioned in the article), Olivia wound up winning this year.
  • I will be keeping a longer list of the books that I am reading and have read on the blog. I mean, it's a good way to feel like I'm accomplishing more than clearing off my shelf. Almost through the books that Lloyd and Teri gave me for my birthday last year (they were all very good and deserve separate reviews.) The 'to read' shelf is packed and I don't know how I'll fit more up there.
  • Speaking of reading, I've created a small unorganized reading group at work. It is essentially me handing books out to people after I've read them. In doing so, I'm thinking of picking up book plates (little stickers that go in books) and buying a stamp that says "On loan from the Hennessy library." Makes me feel special.
  • I really need to work on the yard. When you convert to desert landscape, there is still maintenance. Pine needles and leaves need to be blown off the rocks as well as weeds and crabgrass need to be yanked out of areas they are spreading. If I did that one morning, I'd be done for the year... it's just doing it.
  • Mom looks amazingly better. It's still going to take some time for her to recover all of her motion range without soreness. But, it's almost like the light behind her eyes is that much brighter and 10 years of life have been injected into her. It is amazing how pain can age someone and now it's been removed after the surgery.
  • After reading several articles on sodium benzoate (like this one), I have been cutting back on my carbonated beverage drinking. I've also been wondering why they haven't tested potassium benzoate as both can form the carcinogen benzene when combined with ascorbic acid. The one in question seems to be in most drinks so going cold turkey isn't an great option but I'll keep looking at labels.
  • I've become extremely lazy when it comes to cleaning around the house. I think that I'm just getting sick of putting trash in bags and taking them out. I never get up early enough to catch the garbage truck. If I leave it outside overnight, someone either parks in front of the garbage can (so the driver doesn't see it) or someone knocks it over. Losing proposition, I think. I just need to get into a cleaning frenzy but that is something I'll have to explain later.
  • Lastly.... I have said things like "I'll explain that later" or "I'll post about that later" and now is your turn tell me off for it. Let me know what topic that I left you hanging on and I'll post about them in order of most votes.


Bar L. said...

I'd like to hear about your love life :)

That's great about your grandpa and mom both doing better and Congrats to Connor and Olivia! I wish I could go to your garage sale, but you probably aren't getting rid of any music huh?

LoraLoo said...

You summed up everything for me except the book reviews...

Congrats to Olivia and Conner!

You're such the organized entertainment kind of persona. Remember the scavenger hunt you organized ten years ago? That was

Glad to hear Grandpa and Mom are doinng much better.

Anonymous said...

To help facilitate cleaning you should hold another Rock Star Martin's Closet.

Ken said...

Yeah. Desert landscaping can be a pain. Grass is pretty easy - you mow it. Or you can be like me and hire a person to do it so you can be lazy...

I'll have to check out your book list!

Lucy Stern said...

Martin, the best way to get your house cleaned up is to have a party. I do my best cleaning when we have company coming. Congradulations to Connor and Olivia and tell your Mom and Grandpa you love them. Glad they are doing well. Reading...I wish I had more time.