Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Classically Martin: New Monkees - Burning Desire

Everyone has skeletons in their closet. The New Monkees are one of mine. I remember being told by my friend Phil about them when I was in junior high. I didn't get to watch enough of the television series to really make a decision on it but... the music was good.

I actually bought their self-titled 1985 cassette in about 1988 and upgraded to CD when I got the iPod. Songs like "Affection," "What I Want," "Boy Inside The Man," "Carlene," "Whatever It Takes," "Do It Again," "Corner Of My Eye"... actually, I can't really think of a bad song but do yourself a favor and search out the album after you check those YouTube links as they have many videos from the show.

I've actually been thinking that Marty Ross (the one singing here in this video) would be an interesting interview. He's still writing and puts free downloads at his site.

It seems a reunion is planned for December of this year and more information can be found at: http://www.geocities.com/pyopyochan/newmonkees.html


LoraLoo said...

I've never heard of them before... but this song is good! Guess I'll be heading over to iTunes to pick it up.

BeckEye said...

Good Lord. You've blown off my interview for a post about the New Monkees? Nothing short of pimping me out to Glenn Tilbrook can redeem you now. :P

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of them before either. Not bad, but not what I was expecting. I was expecting it to be musically more along the lines of the original Monkees.

Bar L. said...

You got me all excited, I thought Davy, Peter, Mike and Mickey were making a come-back!

Malcolm said...

I only watched The New Monkees a few times, but they did perform this tune in one of the episodes that I did see. Not a bad song. I'll have to seek out some of their other songs.

The mistake that the producers made is thinking that they could recreate the magic of the original Prefab Four. If they had called the group something else, it may have went over a little better.