Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Last Projects... At This Address

I went across the street to take this picture over 4 years ago. You see, I was looking for my first house and had just agreed to purchase this. I had to get a photo as soon as I heard the good news. The house has changed a lot since then. I've mentioned that I've been busy recently but now, I'll explain things further.

In less than a week, the house goes on the market. Sure, it's not exactly the best time to do so but then again... it's not a good time for the people I'll be buying my next home from either... so it's a wash. So that project with the bathroom, the one with the wall and several others have become my main focus. Just moments ago, I put stain on the kitchen cabinets and master bedroom cabinets... polyurethane goes on tomorrow. Sunday night, I finally got the tile up in the bathroom with grout tomorrow, sealant to follow as well as caulk. At some point... I still need to talk to the neighbor about restraining his dogs so I can re-set the bricks in the wall. And there is even a little touch-up paint and a small painting project to throw in there.

What I do need to say is that I wouldn't be anywhere near being this close without Kerry's help. While I worked on the early part of the newsletter on Sunday, she sanded the cabinets, returned some products and purchased other products that I needed to complete these projects. Of course, she wants me to sell the house as quick as possible (as much as I do) as she has placed her condo on the market. If everything goes well, it looks like we'll be moving into a house in a nice little gated community in the southeast part of town. (No more traffic issues with the freeway on the way to work.) But of course, it's all forward looking as things have to get done first. Off to sleep and back to work.


Ken said...

As someone who has recently (OK - 18 months ago) sold their first home and moved to a different part town to be with the woman he loves, I can totally relate. Mind you, my home was a little more new, but the projects to get the house ready to sell will all be worth it.

Good luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed for a quick sale!

LoraLoo said...

Wow, it's been four years since you bought that house?

Congratulations on all you have going on... the home projects, the upcoming sale, the cohabitation!

Teri said...

The house looks so different on the outside, compared to 4 years ago. I can't believe you are going to do your own brickwork even.
You need to post the completed photos as well. :)

Lucy Stern said...

Wow Martin, you are quite a handy man!!! I wish I could get my husband to do some of those things. Have you been watching HGTV? Good luck getting a quick sale on the house. With all that work, you should get a nice price.

Anonymous said...

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