Sunday, December 30, 2007

This Little Piggy Is Eating Roast Beef On New Year's Eve

I know. You are probably saying, "what the hell?" This isn't the piggy that went to market, not the one that stayed home but it's the one that will wind up celebrating the New Year on someone's table... as decoration of course. I couldn't help but adopt this photo from's blog as it serves multiple purposes and topics at once.

I'm doing very well on my low-carb diet. I do well on these for a few main reasons. I can become obsessive about intake. Eating small high protein meals every 3 hours (to boost metabolism) gives me a chance to entirely focus and plan something that I just did on whim -- eat. What I do notice is that I am able to clear a lot of odd things out of the freezer that were there for a long time. Like some turkey bacon. (Never really thought about it but it uses white turkey meat for the areas that look like fat on regular bacon. Tricky. But it must have saved a pig named Babe, Wilbur, Piglet, Snowball or Napoleon.) Anyhow, I'm 2 weeks in and dropped 10 lbs. I plan to stay on this until the wedding as it has always worked well for me. (Might as well look good for photos, right.)

The secondary purpose is that I wanted to post a picture of someone celebrating the new year. The pig? Well, in February it will be the end of the 'year of the pig' -- fire pig to be specific. (I was born in the year of the metal pig but yet I'm not a huge Black Sabbath fan... go figure.) I'll be at work until an hour after (unless the fates make it easy for me to leave early but... I'm not expecting it.) My resolution? To organize 80's Music Central and its media branches into a legitimate business model -- possibly an LLC. More on that in the new year. Anyhow, I want to take this time to thank all of you and express my heartfelt wishes for a 2008 that exceeds your 2007. If it doesn't, the backup plan is to urge Santa to give you a karaoke machine for that Christmas. (Ours came in pretty handy there, St. Nick. Kerry does a mean version of Paula Abdul's "Cold Hearted.") Have a very prosperous new year!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Martin. Good luck sticking to your resolution. I don't make them since I am really horrible about keeping them.

LoraLoo said...

Happy New Year!! I also love the ease of a low-carb diet and eating small high-carb meals throughout the day. I'm too lazy to measure portions, which is why the calorie diets never worked well for me.

I haven't made any New Year resolutions for some time, although I've cheated a little with holiday eating... so I'll be getting back to the carb-free eating tomorrow.

New White Keds said...

Martin, Wishing you all the encouraging wishes I can muster on this journey or weight loss. We all do it, we all know what works for each of us,and we all have the power within ourselves to make it work. You CAN do this. You WILL do this. You ROCK!

Wishing you , Kerry and David all the best that 2008 has to offer.

Ken said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. I know you'll make the weight loss plan work, you usually do. Thank goodness for light beer, eh?

Teri said...

You guys both look great. I am going to be starting my new way of eating soon. I just can't do the no carb thing. I am way to much of a carb junkie.