Sunday, January 06, 2008

Classically Martin: Frōzen Ghōst

I know that most people outside of Canada haven't heard of them but Frōzen Ghōst has a history and pedigree that you can't ignore. You see, 40% of a successful act went and started the band in 1987 while another 40% formed a band called Alias (also a very good group.) What successful act did they spawn from? Click here to find out.

I found the group through a tape made in about 1988 for me by my friend Phil that I mentioned awhile back. I was so enamored by the music and the name that I adopted it as a user name/handle when online and even set up my a BBS called the Phantom Zone around the persona during the time (before changing it the the Covert System BBS.) The band did very well in their Canadian homeland releasing 3 albums before calling it a day in 1993 and their singles even spawned a Essential collection in 2005. I can't say what exactly drew me to them but I think it has a lot to do with the songwriting and production. Very raw and emotional. So with that all said... here are a few videos by the band from their self-titled debut album. (I'd also recommend hearing "Dream Come True" from their follow-up.)

Should I See


End Of The Line


BeckEye said...

Never heard of this band, but I have the Alias cassette. I don't know who was in that band, but I do know that the singer was also the singer from Sheriff.

Quick: What song was more overexposed? "More Than Words Can Say" by Alias or "When I'm With You" by Sheriff? Tough call, eh?

Martin said...

I'd say that the re-release of "When I'm With You" in 1989 (and it subsequently bettering the 1983 peak of #61 by going to #1) was more overplayed. The 30 weeks it stayed on the charts and in part due to the airplay it got in 1988 (a DJ here in Vegas that was my first interview while in high school) that led the song to be re-released lead me to believe that it was the Titanic-theme of the 1980s.

It reminds me that I need to do an episode of the show on the 3 bands. Maybe I need to send a message off to Freddy Curci.