Thursday, January 10, 2008

Living On Video

I have been thinking that with all the gadgets that I own, I don't have one of these. I don't think that I was ever really interested in making films previously. Sure, I would be the one to hold the family's camcorder during Christmas to record their reactions when opening gifts. But, I can't say that I was directing anything... if anything, I felt it was easier being behind the camera than in front of it. So, I guess that is why I find it funny that I'm considering one of these in the near future.

Why would I do that? Well, I started thinking (which is where a majority of bad ideas start), I'm writing and doing podcasts... what about video blogging. The whole thought revolved around, one of my favorite hobbies, browsing the CD racks for new and old releases. I wondered, what would it be like to take people along with me. Maybe work a deal with Best Buy to allow me to film as I shop (might mean specific time of day) or talk to used CD stores.

Anyhow, it's a work in progress (at least mentally before financially.) I've been doing some research on camcorders at and The variety (Mini-DV, disc-based, hard-drive-based, flash memory-based and "hybrids"... which I guess save electricity, are light and don't accelerate well -- like the cars) and quality levels just leave me shaking my head. Should be interesting which way I go with it. I'd also like to get some video of David as he grows up. I think it would be great to remind him that he currently runs around the house making dolphin and motor noises 10 to 20 years from now when he has someone special in his life.


LoraLoo said...

Video that's a neat idea.

I own the camera you have pictured, I'm quite happy with it... except with Sony they make it difficult to pull videos off without using their software (I do believe you can format the disc differently, but I'm not certain and you might lose quality). Their software doesn't run well with other programs I have installed on the laptop, and if you lose it, good luck trying to find it - they'll want to charge you!

I also have quite a bit of material to embarrass Madison when she gets older, I can't wait!

Teri said...

Hahaha, yeah it is a great reminder.. poor Dave, but then again I am sure your parents have something they can share with Kerry :)

I really need a video camera for Jacob, but then I will feel guilty because I don't have any video from Josh growing up.

Martin said...

Teri - Wait, you feel guilty? hahaha B) Oh, and thankfully, there is little evidence.

Lora - That's funny that you have the same one. It just had the better photo to choose from. I'm probably going to wait until after the wedding for the purchase. I'll probably keep researching. I will have to consider what kind of software they provide too. Thanks for mentioning it.