Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Life Update: 061108

As usual, a lot has been going on. So, instead of letting it pile up anymore... it's time for another update.

  • Kerry's great aunt passed away during the weekend. I took today and tomorrow off from work as we will head to the funeral. I'm planning to do a little bit of reading during the ride there and back. Kerry's niece will be driving (her first out of town trip) and it should prove interesting.

  • The next time you are in the laundry room, take a look at the electrical sockets. Homes built before 1996 used a 3-wire cable (1 hot, 1 neutral and 1 ground.) The dryer we moved from the house to the rental (because we wanted to keep the good ones at the house) had a 4-wire cable. So, we had a dryer that couldn't use the outlet provided in the rental. Thanks to our friend Matt, this was resolved and relieved a lot of stress.

  • Kerry has gone back to the program that works best for her, Weight Watchers. I can understand that. Low-carb worked really well for me but I don't want to make that my lifestyle. I can see that she feels better about it already. We sat down and looked at how many 'points' that I'd have according to the Weight Watchers 'flex' plan. Something clicked in my head. If a good-sized grilled chicken sandwich could be around 8 points and I'm allowed 35 points a day (at my current weight, height, activity level, etc.), then why not think of every day as a 3 sandwich plus day. That is the idea in my head starting this week and it will help with portion control.

  • When were were having our garage sale, a family from a few houses over kept coming by to purchase items. Kerry was at the house cleaning recently (as we plan to rent it out soon) and the relatives of that neighbor stopped by to ask if we planned to rent it out. We've had that on our minds while finishing the clean-up. That family has submitted their rental application and we expect to sign the lease with them on the 21st.

  • Too many good albums came out recently. I'm floored by how good the new Journey album is. At $11.88, it's a steal. (Two CDs and a DVD... how much would each of those sell individually? Someone is taking a slight loss on this.) I expect the album to make the top 10 if reported by Wal-Mart.

  • David tested for purple belt at karate this week. It does remind me of when I took tai kwon do while in Junior High with my father. Didn't stay long enough to test beyond gold belt. In retrospect, it was a good bonding time for us back then. I'm quite proud of him.

  • So far, I've been working out on the Wii Fit about 4 days a week. It is pretty outstanding when you can get physically sore and sweaty from a game system. Never knew how aerobic an excercize using a hula-hoop can be. (Especially doing it for 10 minutes.) The lunges really do burn. I also really enjoy the rhythm boxing. Yoga is pretty interesting as well and I can feel a difference in my posture as I walk around at work.

  • Back a few weeks ago, I was absolutely giddy when I found out that Yaz (or Yazoo in the U.K.) were coming to Las Vegas. I found a secret code on their MySpace page and was able to purchase tickets early. I was thrilled... until I got the notice that they canceled the concert this week. Now I'm a bit down about it. It's like someone yanked away the dangling carrot. Over 15 years ago, Depeche Mode were coming to Las Vegas. My dad knew someone promoting it and I wound up getting tickets (which I still had to pay for.) They canceled that show the day of due to Dave Gahan having the flu or something. Alan Wilder left the band right after that and even though they rescheduled, I was still upset enough that I now didn't want to go. I'm feeling the same way at this moment.

  • Kerry has changed her last name. Yes, to mine. This has also had us going to different places to consolidate accounts. I'm heading to both her bank and mine in a moment to add our names to each others account, in case of emergency.

That's probably enough to keep you busy. So much more. Too many ideas to post. So little time. Hope you are all doing well!


Fred said...

Sorry about Kerry's great aunt. My condolences to the entire family.

I'm on the low carb diet and have lost 20 pounds. You're right, though, it works great in the beginning, but the meal choices are restrictive.

Renting a house in this market is no small feat. Congrats.

You've been busy!

Ken said...

Martin, so sorry about Kerry's great aunt. However, we are totally jealous. First, you HAVE WII fit. Way cool. Second, you are consolidating bank accounts. Keds and I have been married for 19 months and aren't completely integrated yet.

Good move renting the house. Much better in this market than trying to sell it.

LoraLoo said...

Sending my condolences to Kerry and the family. Hope you are having a safe trip to the funeral.

The low-carb thing has really worked well for me but yeah, it gets restrictive. I've been on a plateau for awhile now, and it's frustrating. I have been exercising a lot by walking every day and during the week I walk twice/day totaling more than four miles...I'm really looking forward to eventually getting one of those Wii Fits, considering your description here! I keep hoping I'm just building muscle thus the lack of actual weight loss, but the clothes are still fitting the same.

I am sorry the Yaz concert got cancelled. No plans for a reschedule? I would have loved to see that show too!

Anonymous said...

First, though I know it is quite late... sorry to hear about Kerry's Aunt. :(

Second, that damn Depeche Mode concert.... I remember that. So disappointing.

So you like the Wii Fit? Hmmm... maybe we should get it...

Hope all is well otherwise...