Sunday, June 29, 2008

Classically Martin: The Oak Ridge Boys

I don't think that I've exposed myself... wait, let's put it differently. I don't think I've shown as wide a swath of the genres that had an effect on my musical appreciation. This time, I wanted to touch on country.

Thanks to Daniel and Robin, Kerry and I accompanied them to see the Oak Ridge Boys last night. I've always believed in the saying "you better see them once while they are here" when it applies to acts that have been around a long time. I usually go into a show like this thinking that I'll know several expected songs and be shocked at some others that surface from the back of my mind while they play them. I love moments like that. And I have to say that they were far far better than I ever expected. Dan and Robin figured that Kerry and I were the only ones under 40 there. (Wheelchairs, scooters and canes galore. I asked aloud later if you can get a contact high from Viagra, Enzyte or Geritol.)

I tried to explain it to our hosts at the end of the show but there is nothing quite like the sound of Richard Sterban's voice. I couldn't help but smile at the vocalist who emits a bass sound as that just astounds the listener. I saw that same smile, grin and laughter amongst the attendees and I think that it is a sound so closely tied to joy in life. Absolutely amazing. The human voice truly is an instrument. Anyhow, I decided to share a few video gems from their impressive history with you.


"Bobbie Sue"

"Tryin' To Love Two Women"

I couldn't embed the last couple... more professional videos but the are just as important to post. Here are Little Things and Thank God For Kids.


LoraLoo said...

I will admit that way back when Elvira was on the charts... I actually liked the Oak Ridge Boys. I'll still admit they are quite talented and true, the bass the vocalist can achieve is amazing! But you know where I stand on Country music today. :)

David Amulet said...

Nice to show all sides of your music appreciation. I posted about Eddie Rabbitt a couple of months ago in my "Underappreciated '80s" series, and I'm still shocked at myself.

Fred said...

I can appreciate country music, but it's never been music that I would buy. My daughters went through a phase where all they did was watch CMT on cable, but they're back to CHR music.

BeckEye said...

I remember the Oak Ridge Boys being on "Solid Gold," singing what I then referred to as "The Oom-Pah-Pah Song."