Saturday, August 30, 2008

Classically Martin: Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine

I have to say that the creative name didn't lead me to this band. Often just called Carter USM, the duo of "Jim Bob" Morrison and "Fruitbat" Carter released their first single in 1988 and were kind of an oddity as they merged samples, funk, guitar, keyboards and rap in what is sometimes hard to pin down (Beastie Boys/Bulletboys meets Pet Shop Boys) as anything but alternative rock. I'd urge you to check each of these songs out especially the last couple as you can see their growth as a band. They still kept the need to sabotage their work but that made them a bit more likeable. Even more funny to mention is that they didn't include real drums on any of their songs until 1994... which may have sped up their implosion. Since they have a lot of area to cover, I figured that I'd throw a few different songs up here in order of release.

"Sheriff Fatman" - 1989 (re-issued in 1991)

"Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere" - 1990

"The Only Living Boy In New Cross" - 1992

"The Impossible Dream" - 1992


David Amulet said...

Either I was already checking out of current music by then (likely) or my memory is failing (also likely). I don't remember this at ALL.

David Amulet said...

Funny "Carter" coincidence ... just yesterday, somebody mentioned Clarence Carter of "Strokin'" fame, a name I hadn't heard in years!