Friday, June 25, 2010

Life Update: 062510

I know, I haven't been keeping you up to date on a lot of things. I think it's just getting a bit mad over here. So let's start with some fresh stuff:

  1. Remember that video I posted for my niece Meagan? (Pictured above... a favorite photo of mine.) It seems that a few things happened. Wet Seal wasn't ready for the idea of social media driving people to the videos in their search for their next model. So, they went through and cut 25 instead and are down to 75. To get to final 25 (of which a winner will be chosen by Wet Seal), Facebook members can vote "once per day per person" at this link. Oddly enough, there is a Megan there... don't be confused. Look for the color photo to the far left about 5 rows from the bottom. It also looks like you might have to click the "Like" above on the page to get the vote to count. I thank all of you that voted and helped her get this far. Voting ends July 5th.
  2. Went to help my mother pack for a bit as she moves closer to my sister in Boulder City. Yes, I'm envious. Beautiful town and close to the lake. Her poor dogs were sick the whole time we were packing, so I think we got a lot less done that we should have.
  3. One week away from what I've been calling our West Coast tour. Going to see 2 sets of in-laws and then my grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins in Sacramento before seeing Tracy in Reno and maybe visiting a few northern Nevada landmarks. Oh... and we are taking the dogs. We bought sedatives... for them (sigh.)
  4. The next few shows will be pre-recorded for Talking 80s Music to allow me to travel (and not bring a huge collection of gear in tow.) I wound up sending a last minute email to our featured act this week, Jon Astley, and wound up with the best non-interview I've ever done. Might splice it together to put with the text interviews at 80s Music Central. Very nice of him to do that for us.
  5. Bark Off. I know, you've seen the commercials and thought... that can't work. We decided to try it out. It took a few times but it definitely calmed the house down. Bella hated it enough to try to chew into it today. No fear we have 3 more ready and waiting.
  6. I guess there will be stress involved with going on a stress-relieving (or is it reliving?) trip. I'll just be happy once we are on the road. Should be doing a show live from Coos Bay, Oregon.
I'm off to get some more news writing done for this week's show but I hope all is well over there with you.

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