Thursday, April 07, 2011

Moving Can't Be Painless: Part 2

I have to say that after all that previous drama, it got kinda boring with the relocation.  We're starting to feel a bit at home.  Sure, you set one thing up and then break something else and now have to replace it... but that's the fun of organizing a new abode.  Put together a lot of shelves, ceiling fans, a television stand and set up the computers.  I'm sure that I'm forgetting something else.  We also started organizing the garage (which cleared out a lot of the boxes stacked taller than the wife... no, it wasn't intentional.)  The dogs are enjoying the new running room.  Our son is enjoying his new-found freedom to explore (it seems like his room isn't dangerous enough for him anymore.)  If his grades stay above water, he'll be picking up a new bike next week.  Kerry is back to reading (for enjoyment.)  And I'm getting closer and closer to starting a project that I expect to announce in July.

We still have a few home projects to finish (computer networking issues, a ceiling fan and a dishwasher) but there are less and less boxes stacked up and tools lying around (because at any moment... aha... needed that screwdriver.)  I think the only thing we really need right now is a bit of rest and a start on our new routine.  Probably going to start that by exploring the nearby restaurants and walking routes.

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