Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Baby, You Just Like Me For My Fat Fingers

Ever wonder what happens to all those eBay searches for "furniture" when the person submitting it didn't pass 3rd grade and spells it "fernatur." Well, not everyone has but think of it... if everyone is bidding on one correctly-spelled item the price will keep rising higher and higher. Wouldn't it be great to buy it for a whole lot cheaper at the expense of the person that can't spell? Ok, maybe they were just in a hurry and had a typo but that's the whole idea behind the site Fat Fingers. Nothing promotes a good education and patience like having someone win your expensive items for less than $1 + shipping and handling.


Fred said...

I typed in automobile, and 31 came up. Here's a few:


Teri said...

Somebody can make a fortune selling a spell check system to ebay... and not to mention, the people at blogspot for comments :)

Bar L. said...

Okay I am going to admit it right here in public: I am a lazy typist. I have to use perfect spelling and grammar all day at work so I tend to get a bit laz on blogs. I WISH they would invent spellcheck for comments!!!!

David Amulet said...

Many big companies buy domain names that are slight misspellings of the corporate name -- and redirect to their main site. Smart business.

Speaking of slight misspellings, has seen the always-thin Tori Spelling lately?

(Sorry, I couldn't resist that one.)

-- david

LoraLoo said...

Okay, this seems like a pretty neat little ditty. But, as an example, you bid and win on someone who spells blanket as "blankitt". Do you trust that this person will actually be able to get that item to you?

Matt said...

Yeah, it seems like they wouldn't be able to put the correct address on the package.

RT said...

I'm sorry, what was this post about? I couldn't get past the title...


paul said...

i know, i thought this was a post about lesbians at first.

i am a terrible speller, and i goole things all the time and find that i have not spelled a word at all correctly. sometimes i find interesting things.

ps i found your blog throught alice.

Holly said...

that is a great link!! :) who'da thunk it! ;) .:giggles:.