Saturday, June 25, 2011

Deep Dental Disturbances

Went to the dentist yesterday.  Sometimes things just go through your head while sitting in the chair waiting for their exploration.  I was hungry.  I got up late, brushed my teeth and casually considered having something to eat on the way there.  So, I had to ask the dentist:

"What percentage of your patients didn't brush after eating prior to their appointment?"

I mean, it was on my mind.  You don't really have to speak out what is in your head but for some reason, I had to.  She didn't take long to think about it and said 65%.  Which is a bigger number than I thought.  She then said, "The early appointments have less as most brush right after breakfast.  After lunchtime is another story."

My lesson for the day was that most people figure that a dentist is already going in looking for decay... might as well surprise them with something freshly chewed.

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Anonymous said...

learned a lot