Friday, June 01, 2012

Muze News

New beginnings.  I do believe that looking at the past once in awhile will give me a better understanding of where the future is going and can go.  I have mentioned, many times over the last decade and a half, that there is a gap in music news coverage.  I think back on the sign that I saw driving by a Las Vegas hotel that told me a band was not only together again but touring.  That thought led me to starting a newsletter in an effort to fill that hole.  That path led toward a Web site and podcast series.  But that gap in media coverage was still there and not only did it affect artists of one decade but beyond.

That's where we stand today as of June 1, 2012.  But my hope for the future is still informed by the past.  Today's launch of Muze News will hopefully start to fill that void.  Artists record singles and albums constantly and only a handful of them get airplay.  Many of those will be mentioned in articles and many will not but a lot of them will be overlooked.  The news is out there and if it isn't, we'll have to do exclusive content to get it out.  I don't intend to write the news as much as aggregate, collect and send you to it.

Muze News was created with one question in mind.  "Where do you go to get your music news?"  I wasn't really able to answer that despite being a newshound.  Sure, you have the purple section of USA Today but that tends to be mixed in with movies, television, books and celebrity gossip.  Radio DJs are a great source but they usually cover the type of music they play.  There are some great magazines out there but not all of them cover the rainbow of musical flavors out there or they overlook previously successful acts that have relevance now.

Today you and I begin a new journey.  Many changes are expected.  Already, we've added sections for a Video of the Week, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Accountability, Upcoming Award Shows and a Hotline (for article suggestions.)  We also don't plan to keep posting the same article over and over which means that you will have to do your part and check in often.  Together, let's change the music world by making it more informed.

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