Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last Day Of The Initial Process

When I said that I wanted to focus on getting healthier, I meant it.  That is why I started after Thanksgiving instead of making it just another New Year's resolution.  Well, today is my 90th day of the program.  3 months worth of work and the effort is paying off.  I'll post the end results either tomorrow or Thursday.  But, since I am talking about days, I'm changing the game plan and calling these Tuesday posts Fit Tuesdays as Fat Tuesday can sound like it's going in the wrong direction (and to avoid possible legal action from a certain alcoholic beverage enterprise.)

Why the leg muscle photo?  I'm more and more impressed with how quickly my legs have responded.  Leg cramps were always a problem for me when working out.  I would spend days recovering from my first workout.  A lot of this difference I believe comes from the workout plan and what I have for breakfast each morning as they are the main adjustments that I've made.

What I can tell you before looking at numbers tomorrow is that I'm more balanced, stronger and self-aware than I have ever been.  What surprises me is that it really didn't take that much work.  Taking back control of your life, your present and your future begins with a step.  That step may be unsteady but it is going in a direction.  Future steps will be more sure and resolute and less painful but you can't quit.  Stopping mid-step throws your balance off, allows you to stumble and can ultimately fall.  But even then... fall in the right direction and keep going even if you have to crawl.  A future you awaits you if you just meet them part way.

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