Monday, March 18, 2013

Big Fans Of Potatoes

I am a big fan of food.  Ok, most of us are.  I mean how many of us avoid dinner or dessert?  Anyhow, I really don't get that much time with the family at night.  One of the things that I miss most is the elusive 'family meal.'  I've always loved to cook and have an arsenal of recipes that would make a housewife tear up (possibly because of all the cayenne.)  But, I would never have a chance to use them.  We as a family decided to hold what we call Martin Mondays each week where I get to delve into my bag of tricks.

What you see over in the photo are potato fans which we discovered while watching a show on television.  (Yes, I watch a lot of those shows even when it's focus is something I'd never put in my mouth.)  We tried these out and found a winner.  We will also try scallops for the first time (as well as some chicken and steak as David can be a little picky.)

What is nice is that feeling that I can provide an experience for the ones that I love and maybe pass on a few Hennessy family favorites and new favorites on to another generation.  (Chili tacos didn't make it to that next generation but maybe there is a niece or nephew that I can inspire.)  So, if your kids aren't huge fans of potatoes... make fans of the potatoes first.

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