Monday, June 03, 2013

Putting The Socks In The Right Drawer

Yes, you know that I can take on more than I should sometimes.  But someone once told me that "if you want to get a project done, put it in the hands of the busiest person you know."  It's time for me to start getting busier once again.  So, I should be announcing a new project later this year.  That is... after I announce this one.

Things can get cluttered.  Heck, ask any parent of a teenage boy that stares at his bedroom in frustration.  Once I started posting about my progress in taking back my health, I did a good job of confusing myself on the future of my own writings here.  As my physical changes began, my enthusiasm increased and I stopped babbling about about music, personal musings and technological advances.  It didn't mean there weren't any but I lost focus.  Let's just say that the socks started getting into the shirts drawer and after awhile there were more socks than shirts.  To fix that, I've decided to corral future posts in the health, fitness and nutrition areas off into a new site called My Fitness Future where I will talk about and hope to inspire others to making a change for the better.  There is a lot of design work left to do but it launched today and I feel it's worth letting you know about the change.

80s music fans should enjoy my upcoming project.  I am in the early planning stages and will give you an early preview when possible.  Stay tuned.

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