Friday, June 07, 2013

Somethin' 'Bout A Truck

There's something about a truck.  I have fond memories of riding in the back of Michael Barrett's truck with a few friends on Saturday nights in high school.  Of course, that's frowned upon now.  I also remember when my father dug me out of a hole I created for myself.  I was living with friends after my car broke down and I had lost my job.  So, that VW bug had to be sold.  It was a very basic 1988 Toyota pick-up but it took a beating.  It got abused, wrecked and dealt with overheating issues after I cracked the weld where the hose going to the radiator was.  I still remember a few times where it died from abuse (let's face it, I wasn't really a responsible person at this point in my life) and I would be sitting in the truck with my friend Tracy on the way to Barley's to watch Monday Night Football.  Getting rid of that truck was really a transition to adulthood for me.

Between then, I had a Rodeo and a Tucson.  Ok, still have the Tucson but someone else in the family will be driving it more in the near future.  But we had some serious conversations about what to get next.  I really wanted to have something I could put our mountain bikes in the back of and go off riding.  Something dependable but depreciated (which really is like wanting a dog without fur... they are out there but seldom found) and maybe not even a truck.  It could have been a beater for David to use.  But after talking about different options and we said, "If it is meant to happen soon, it will just pop up."  A few weeks later, this truck was sitting outside our door with a 'for sale' sign on it.  We eyed it over curiously and a friend of the owner (a neighbor) came and told us about it.  Well, it's done.  It's now a new member of our family.  All we can hope for is the dependability but I can say that my responsibility level now will allow me to appreciate it a lot more than that little '88 Toyota.

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