Sunday, December 29, 2019

Podcast Post-Script

A few months ago, I decided to look and see how a few of the show links were holding up.  As anyone with a blog knows, anytime you put a link up, it is bound to get changed on you.  Well, what I found was sad.  Talking 80s Music is missing.  Any link to shows or interviews on the blog here are what they call dead links.  Talkshoe, which hosted the show, seems to have deleted all 5 years of content prior to becoming Ning.  Could it have been because of copyright issues?  Could it be that someone complained?  Could someone have notified me about this?  I don't expect to get an answer because my account there was also deleted.  Thankfully, I downloaded and burned all 208 episodes.  So, as upset as I can be about the situation, it has opened a window.

I've been thinking about taking the interviews and posting them to YouTube in video format.  This would be quite an undertaking but I think the time the artists gave up warrants it.  So, expect some information here during 2020.  If the project goes well...maybe a new interview or two may pop up there.  You never know. 

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